Ohio Man Breaks National All-Time Record for Cash-In of Largest Collection of Pennies, With Final Count Reaching 1,048,013 Weighing in at 3.5 Tons and Valued at $10,480.13

History Making, Coinstar(R) Assisted Cash-In Held Today at Cleveland, Ohio

Giant Eagle Supermarket

Nov 16, 2004, 00:00 ET from Coinstar, Inc.

    BELLEVUE, Wash., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Coinstar, Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   CSTR) announced today that 78-year-old Eugene J. Sukie, a retired
 glass plant worker/supervisor from Barberton, Ohio broke a national all-time
 record, along with the company's standing record for the most pennies
 collected and cashed-in at a Coinstar machine by a single customer.  Sukie,
 who celebrates his 79th birthday later this month, and his wife, cashed in a
 total of 1,048,013 pennies, which weighed in at 3.5 tons.  The previous
 Coinstar record, set in 2001 in Anchorage, Alaska, was set at 792,141 pennies
 (or $7,921.41).  The company believes the cash-in could set a new world record
 for the largest (single denomination) collection of coin by an individual.
 Sukie's penny fortune was cashed in at Giant Eagle Supermarket in Lyndhurst,
 OH (East Cleveland).
     The last batch of 88,792 pennies cashed in today at Giant Eagle via two
 side-by-side Coinstar machines, helped push the record over the top to help
 Sukie reach the final record total of $10,480.13.  Eugene and his wife have
 not decided what they plan to do with their newfound windfall, although they
 are considering splurging on new clothing and furniture.
     "I noticed the Coinstar machine at my local Giant Eagle and started to
 take my pennies in every day $25 and $30 at a time.  I would just put the
 coins in the machine, cash them in, go to the cashier, and get the cash for
 it," said Eugene Sukie.  "Collecting pennies was something to do - you don't
 miss a penny the way you would a nickel or a dime, so saving the pennies
 didn't come out of our livelihood, but now we have this extra money that we
 hadn't planned on."
     Prompted by his wife to cash-in the pennies while he was still able,
 Eugene contacted Coinstar after cashing in more than 200,000 pennies on his
 own over a two-month period at various supermarkets, as well as his local bank
 and credit union.  With still hundreds of thousands of pennies remaining,
 Coinstar, the Bellevue, Washington based company with more than 11,000
 self-service coins-to-cash machines in supermarkets across the U.S., Canada,
 and the UK, stepped in and agreed to transport and count Mr. Sukie's remaining
 coin at local Coinstar machines in the Cleveland area.  The coin was also
 counted and verified by Coinstar's third-party processor, Brinks -- a process
 Coinstar normally undertakes to ensure machine count accuracy.
     Eugene's first penny collection totaled $45, which he earned as a
 newspaper delivery boy and used to purchase a top-of-the-line Schwinn bicycle
 in 1939.  He then embarked on another collection of pennies totaling $400,
 which he was able to use in 1970 to offset some of his daughter's wedding
 costs.  At that point, Sukie became newly-inspired to collect one million of
 something and thought pennies would be a reasonable and affordable hobby.  Mr.
 Sukie also collects souvenir playing cards, wooden pencils and Matchbox(R)
 cars.  Sukie decided to hold onto a small collection of old U.S. Wheat
 pennies, which he did not cash in.
     "Coinstar helps Americans tap into hidden wealth that lies in their homes
 everyday," said Richard Stillman, president of Coinstar, Inc.  "And while
 Eugene's collection of pennies is certainly one for the record books, it is
 also a great example of how spare change can add up to significant savings."
     Coinstar estimates that there is more than $10.5 billion in change sitting
 idle in American homes.  To date, the company has helped more than 245 million
 consumers turn more than $8.5 billion in change into spendable cash.
     "Giant Eagle is very proud to be a part of this unique and special event
 involving one of our customers," said Rob Borella, director of corporate
 communications for Giant Eagle. "The Coinstar Centers in our stores are just
 another way that we're making shopping convenient and useful for our
     Giant Eagle:
     Giant Eagle Inc., ranked 26 on Forbes magazine's largest private
 corporations list and recipient of Progressive Grocer's 2002 Retailer of the
 Year Award and the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania Award, is one of the
 nation's largest food retailers and food distributors with more than $5.2
 billion in annual sales.  Founded in 1931, Giant Eagle, Inc. has grown to be
 the number one supermarket retailer in the region with 140 corporate and 81
 independently owned and operated stores throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio,
 north central West Virginia and Maryland.
     Giant Eagle was named America's Second Harvest 2004 Regional Retailer of
 the Year for its support of local food banks, and also actively supports
 numerous community events, the United Way, The Salvation Army, Race For The
 Cure and other non-profit organizations.  The company also has created
 education initiatives such as Apples For The Students, which has provided
 millions of dollars in computer equipment, software and other classroom
 learning tools for local schools and the Be A Smart Shopper school nutrition
 program.  Further information can be found at http://GiantEagle.com.
     Coinstar, Inc.
     Coinstar, Inc. (Nasdaq:   CSTR) founded in 1991, pioneered self-service coin
 counting to provide consumers a convenient and innovative means to convert
 loose coins into cash.  Today, Coinstar, Inc. is a multi-national company
 offering a range of products and services consisting of coin counting,
 electronic payment solutions, and entertainment services at more than 44,000
 retail locations including supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchants,
 convenience stores, and restaurants.  American Coin Merchandising Inc.
 (Sugarloaf & Folz Vending), and CellCards of Illinois, L.L.C. operate as
 wholly-owned subsidiaries of Coinstar, Inc.  For more information visit

SOURCE Coinstar, Inc.