Old Spice Names Phoenix Sweatiest City in America in Sixth Annual Ranking of Summertime Perspiration

Jun 18, 2007, 01:00 ET from Old Spice/Procter & Gamble

    CINCINNATI, June 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In anticipation of the
 first day of summer on Thursday, June 21 -- and the hot weather that comes
 with the season -- Old Spice today announced its Sixth Annual Top-100
 Sweatiest Cities List. For the fourth time in six years, Phoenix burned up
 the charts to take the No. 1 spot in this annual ranking of the nation's
 heaviest sweaters.
     To earn the top spot, Phoenix's average high temperature was 94.6
 degrees in June, July and August 2006, resulting in the average Phoenix
 resident producing 26.3 ounces of sweat per hour. That means on a typical
 summer day, residents of Phoenix collectively produced enough sweat to fill
 more than 53,000 beer kegs in just one hour.
     In recognition of its top ranking on the list, Old Spice -- the No.1
 selling antiperspirant/deodorant stick and body wash brand with guys of all
 ages -- will deliver a year's supply of Old Spice Red Zone antiperspirant
 to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. Phoenix also took this top honor in 2006,
 2005 and 2003, living up to its nickname "Valley of the Sun."
     Other Study Highlights
     -- Texas continues to dominate the list, producing half of the Top 10
        cities: Dallas (No. 3), San Antonio (No. 5), Waco (No. 6),
        Austin (No. 8) and Corpus Christi (No. 10).
     -- Last summer's record temperatures helped Oklahoma City crack the Top 10
        for the first time, coming in at No. 9 - a significant jump from No. 31
        in 2006.
     -- Year to year variations in temperatures caused other big moves,
        surprising some typically cooler cities: Salt Lake City (up 21 spots to
        No. 46), Los Angeles (up 38 spots to No. 54), Denver (up 18 spots to
        No. 69) and San Diego (up 22 spots to No. 72).  Los Angeles and
        San Diego previously ranked in the Bottom 10, last year coming in at 92
        and 94 respectively.
     -- San Francisco is the nation's least sweaty city included on the list,
        coming in at No. 100.  With an average high temperature just a cool
        64.2 degrees during the summer months, each San Franciscan produced
        17.8 ounces of sweat per hour -- almost 10 ounces less than Phoenix's
        average output.
     Most Uncomfortable Cities
     People in dry climates are usually unaware of the amount of sweat they
 produce since most of it evaporates quickly. However, when high humidity
 enters the picture, they tend to notice sweat more -- whether experiencing
 that sticky, "muggy" feeling or suffering from soaked shirts and sweaty
 brows. With this in mind, Old Spice is also recognizing the nation's most
 Uncomfortable Cities.
     "As temperatures rise, people become overheated and start to sweat,"
 said Dr. Paul Ruscher, associate professor and associate chair of
 meteorology at Florida State University. "While everyone sweats, people in
 places like New Orleans and Miami feel it more because high humidity levels
 cause sweat to stick to their skin."
     When examining the nation's most Uncomfortable Cities, Old Spice revealed:
     -- The 10 most Uncomfortable Cities in the U.S. are Phoenix, Ariz.; Corpus
        Christi, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Dallas, Texas;
        West Palm Beach, Fla.; Miami, Fla.; Waco, Texas; Houston, Texas;
        Montgomery, Ala. and New Orleans, La.
     -- New Orleans, Houston, Miami, West Palm Beach and Montgomery clearly
        break into the Top-10 when you look at being sweaty and sticky!
     Tips to Stay Cool, Dry and Sweat Free This Summer
     -- Water -- Drink plenty of fluids to replace what you lose through
        perspiration -- at least eight to 10 glasses of water per day -- more
        if you're outdoors and very active.
     -- Replace Salt and Minerals -- Sweating removes salt and minerals from
        the body. If participating in a strenuous activity where you anticipate
        heavy perspiration, drink fruit juices and sports beverages to replace
        the lost minerals.
     -- Choose Your Clothes Wisely -- Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing
        that breathes easily.
     -- Reduce Sweat Output and Stay Odor Free -- Use an
        antiperspirant/deodorant daily, such as Old Spice Red Zone, which
        temporarily stops the flow of underarm sweat and reduces its production
        up to 85 percent.
     The Sweatiest Cities rankings are based on computer simulations of the
 amount of sweat a person of average height and weight would produce walking
 around for an hour in the average high temperatures during June, July and
 August of 2006 for each city.
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                      TOP-100 SWEATIEST CITIES IN AMERICA
                Brought to You By the Sweat Experts at Old Spice
     1.  Phoenix, AZ                               51.  Evansville, IN
     2.  Las Vegas, NV                             52.  Philadelphia, PA
     3.  Dallas, TX                                53.  Albuquerque, NM
     4.  Tucson, AZ                                54.  Los Angeles, CA
     5.  San Antonio, TX                           55.  Omaha, NE
     6.  Waco, TX                                  56.  Roanoke, VA
     7.  Shreveport, LA                            57.  Des Moines, IA
     8.  Austin, TX                                58.  Sacramento, CA
     9.  Oklahoma City, OK                         59.  Harrisburg, PA
     10. Corpus Christi, TX                        60.  Springfield, IL
     11. New Orleans, LA                           61.  Lexington, KY
     12. Houston, TX                               62.  Moline, IL
     13. Miami, FL                                 63.  Cincinnati, OH
     14. Memphis, TN (TIE)                         64.  Charleston, WV
     15. Tulsa, OK (TIE)                           65.  Minneapolis, MN
     16. Fresno, CA                                66.  New York, NY
     17. Baton Rouge, LA                           67.  Indianapolis, IN (TIE)
     18. West Palm Beach, FL                       68.  Bristol, TN (TIE)
     19. Fort Myers, FL                            69.  Denver, CO
     20. Tampa, FL                                 70.  Columbus, OH
     21. Little Rock, AR                           71.  Toledo, OH
     22. Montgomery, AL                            72.  San Diego, CA
     23. Orlando, FL                               73.  Chicago, IL
     24. Mobile, AL                                74.  Detroit, MI
     25. Jackson, MS (TIE)                         75.  Dayton, OH
     26. Birmingham, AL (TIE)                      76.  Hartford, CT
     27. El Paso, TX                               77.  Providence, RI
     28. Jacksonville, FL                          78.  Asheville, NC
     29. Huntsville, AL                            79.  Boston, MA
     30. Savannah, GA                              80.  South Bend, IN
     31. Honolulu, HI (TIE)                        81.  Grand Rapids, MI
     32. Columbia, SC (TIE)                        82.  Milwaukee, WI (TIE)
     33. Wichita, KS                               83.  Rochester, NY (TIE)
     34. Chattanooga, TN                           84.  Cleveland, OH
     35. Atlanta, GA                               85.  Pittsburgh, PA
     36. St. Louis, MO                             86.  Albany, NY
     37. Nashville, TN                             87.  Buffalo, NY
     38. Kansas City, MO                           88.  Madison, WI
     39. Richmond, VA                              89.  Syracuse, NY
     40. Springfield, MO                           90.  Wilkes-Barre, PA
     41. Norfolk, VA                               91.  Colorado Springs, CO
     42. Washington, DC                            92.  Youngstown, OH
     43. Knoxville, TN                             93.  Burlington, VT
     44. Raleigh, NC                               94.  Green Bay, WI
     45. Virginia Beach, VA                        95.  Portland, OR
     46. Salt Lake City, UT                        96.  Flint, MI
     47. Greensboro, NC                            97.  Spokane, WA
     48. Louisville, KY                            98.  Portland, ME
     49. Charlotte, NC                             99.  Seattle, WA
     50. Baltimore, MD                             100. San Francisco, CA

SOURCE Old Spice/Procter & Gamble