Olympus FluoroPoint(TM) System Provides High-Sensitivity Single Molecule and Protein Interaction Analysis for Screening and Research

Apr 04, 2008, 01:00 ET from Olympus

    CENTER VALLEY, Pa., April 4, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Scientists in fields
 as diverse as pharmaceutical research, food science and biology will
 benefit from the Olympus FluoroPoint(TM) single molecule fluorescence
 detection system for molecular interaction analysis. Already in use in
 scores of laboratories around the world, the system, with its high
 sensitivity, low sample volumes, flexibility and ease of use, is now
 available for the first time to U.S. screening and research laboratories.
     FluoroPoint provides scientists with highly accurate and reliable data
 for studies involving protein-protein interactions, DNA, RNA, receptor
 binding, siRNA, SNP genotyping, enzyme reactions, polymerization,
 thermodynamics, and other processes and mechanisms. Useful in a wide
 variety of facilities, it provides absolute quantification, rather than the
 relative or proportional measurements generated by other techniques. The
 system is highly sensitive, yielding accurate results for sample volumes as
 small as 30 microliters, thus allowing the conservation of precious
 samples. Compatible with 384-well plates and using a plate reader format,
 FluoroPoint is easily adopted by pharmaceutical companies for drug
 discovery activities, and provides complementary technology to core
 facilities and other life science research laboratories.
     Biological systems are often more complex and less predictable than the
 molecular contexts generally interrogated by biophysicists and chemists.
 Whereas typical molecular interaction experiments (using techniques such as
 surface plasmon resonance, for instance) use a defined selection of
 molecules, FluoroPoint can accurately and specifically perform single
 molecule detection in environments that are similar to the physiological
 conditions found in living organisms. In contrast to fluorescence plate
 readers, which only make aggregate measurements, FluoroPoint delivers true
 single molecule data, long trusted by biophysicists.
     FluoroPoint offers fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS),
 molecular brightness (FIDA), and confocal anisotropy (FIDA-PO)
 measurements, all in an automated, user-friendly format. Its
 mix-and-measure simplicity means that researchers do not have to do any
 washing or other complicated preparatory efforts. Data is available as
 quickly as 0.5 seconds per well, depending on the measurements collected.
     For more information on the Olympus FluoroPoint molecular interaction
 analysis system, contact Olympus America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway,
 Center Valley PA 18034-0610; phone 1-908-596-0417; visit
 www.olympusamerica.com/FluoroPoint or email FluoroPoint@olympus.com.
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