One in Four American Households Have a Home Office; Most Are Used for Small Businesses Run from Home

Aug 26, 1999, 01:00 ET from CDB Research & Consulting Inc.

    NEW YORK, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- A combination of trends in America today
 -- demographic, sociological, and economic -- is leading more and more
 American families to dedicate a room in their homes as an office.  According
 to research conducted by CDB Research & Consulting Inc., one in four American
 households (26 percent), about 26 million, have home offices, which is a small
 increase from last year (20 percent).  While these home offices may be used to
 do work brought home from an office or school, the survey, released today,
 indicates that seven out of ten home offices are used to operated small
     While home offices are most commonly found among baby boomers, affluent
 families, and college educated people, small businesses are run from the homes
 of many different kinds of householders.
     "The booming economy and the entrance of the first Baby Boomers into 'the
 mature market' have motivated many people to operate all kinds of
 consultancies and businesses from their homes," commented Ann D. Middleman,
 vice president of CDB Research & Consulting.  "People in their 50s and early
 60s are beginning to retire early and start small businesses, which they can
 run from their homes."
     Office equipment is becoming commonplace in consumers' homes, invariably
 residing in the home office.  Personal computers are nearing ubiquity, with
 64 percent of households currently owning one, and an additional nine percent
 planning to buy one in the next year.  This figure jumps to 90 percent in
 households where there is a home office.  It is also more likely to find a
 personal computer in affluent homes, younger homes (household heads under age
 55), and those with school-age children (especially teenagers).  Peripherals
 such as photo-quality color printers (53 percent), fax machines (42 percent),
 and scanners (33 percent) are also found in many home offices.  Cellular
 phones are also popular, with 54 percent owning one, and another 10 percent
 planning to get one in the coming year.  Three out of four people who have
 home offices (76 percent) also have cell phones.
     "Our prosperity has allowed people to have more commodious living spaces,"
 commented Middleman, "allowing them to dedicate some part of it for work.  The
 increased affordability of computers, peripherals, and other kinds of business
 and communications equipment has encouraged people to upgrade those home
 offices, and to operate small businesses there."
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