One of the First Low-Carb, Frozen Pizzas on Grocers' Shelves

Blue Moon Carb Concepts Pizza helps America kick the carbs

Jun 03, 2004, 01:00 ET from Blue Moon Licensing, LLC

    COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether topped with traditional
 pepperoni or something a little more exotic, there's no doubt that American's
 love their pizza. In fact, 93 percent of Americans eat at least one pizza per
     Now, with the introduction of Blue Moon Carb Concepts Pizza by Blue Moon
 Licensing, LLC, a women/minority owned company, people can still indulge in
 their favorite food while maintaining a low-carb lifestyle. Blue Moon Carb
 Concepts Pizza is one of the first low-carb frozen pizza products currently
 available in grocery stores.
     Blue Moon Carb Concepts' Pepperoni Pizza (with only 14 net carbs per
 serving, subtract dietary fibers; 1/4 pizza serving size), and Four Cheese
 Pizza (with only 17 net carbs per serving subtract dietary fibers; 1/3 pizza
 serving size) feature fresh toppings, plum tomato sauce, and a crisp crust
 that browns evenly and perfectly.
     "Pizza is one of the foods most missed by low-carb diet followers, so we
 developed a great tasting product that can satisfy even the most
 discriminating pizza taste buds," said Joanne McGonagle, president, Blue Moon
 Licensing, LLC. "Blue Moon Carb Concepts Pizzas are perfect for snack time,
 dinnertime, anytime that pizza craving hits."
     With more than 50 million people following a low-carb diet, and frozen
 pizza representing one of the fastest growing food segments, Blue Moon Carb
 Concepts Pizza fills a void for consumers and grocers alike.
     Blue Moon Carb Concepts Pizza is available in major grocery stores
 nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $6.99 for a 12-inch pizza.
 Additional varieties of low-carb pizza and frozen products are in development.
     Blue Moon Licensing, LLC, a women/minority owned company, has more than 16
 years of experience in product development, production, design, food sales and
 marketing in the retail and foodservice industries. Blue Moon Licensing has
 created Blue Moon Carb Concepts Pizza, available at grocery stores nationwide.
     *Statistics provided by Bolla Wines and the National Frozen Pizza

SOURCE Blue Moon Licensing, LLC