Online Makeovers - Made EZ With New L'Oreal Makeup Tool Using EZface.Com Inc. Technology

May 23, 2001, 01:00 ET from L'Oreal

    NEW YORK and PARIS, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine going online and having
 the ability to test new colors of blush, shades of lipstick, even fabulous
 looking foundations on your own image, anytime and quickly in the comfort of
 your home.  There was a time when you would have to go to the cosmetic counter
 of your favorite store to do that.  NO MORE!
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     With enhanced technology and a unique, new state-of-the-art application
 from EZface.Com Inc. that will be introduced to consumers this summer, L'Oreal
 will once again prove why the company has earned the distinction of being the
 leader in beauty and technology worldwide.
     This new interactive Online Makeover Tool, was developed by EZface .Com
 Inc., a New York based Technology company, specializing in photo realistic
 simulation of cosmetic products on consumer's picture.  The makeover does not
 require users to have any special programming or computer processing
 capability.  "All the consumer need have, is access to a digital camera and
 then follow some simple directions on how to take the photo," says Bill
 Cornish, Senior Vice President, Internet and Ebusiness for L'Oreal.
     Consumers will be able to apply make up on their own image through a
 simple process that allows the user to send a digital photo to any L'Oreal
 brand site and retrieve the ready-to-use photo with the aid of an assigned
 password.  They will then be able to test any number of products on their own
 image and see which colors might best suit their skin tone and texture, for
 day or evening and any occasion.
     In this current marketplace, online visitors are always looking for
 cutting edge technology from their favorite sites.  This stimulates their
 return.  After extensive tests, L'Oreal management found that the Online
 Makeover Tool provides an exciting new vehicle for improving consumer
 education, strengthening brand loyalty, increasing site traffic and
 stimulating purchases.  "This is a tremendous advancement from the older
 technology of applying make up to a models face. People want to play with
 makeup on their own face. They can't relate to a model's face especially when
 experimenting with avant guarde looks," explains Mr. Cornish.
     "EZface technology offers the consumer a real time in-store shopping
 experience over the Web.  This revolutionary technology will change consumer
 trial and purchase now and in the future!" added Gary Savage, CEO of EZface
     Consumers will had their first opportunity to test The Online Makeover
 Tool in Cannes during the film festival, where L'Oreal set up booths for the
 on-site introduction.  The initial reaction according to a number of onsite
 visitors was a definite, WOW!
     A full launch of the online technology will follow at the end of June
 beginning with L'Oreal Paris.  Sometime in late August, the application will
 roll out in the U.S. on some of L'Oreal USA's divisional brand sites.
     L'Oreal, with worldwide headquarters in Paris and U.S. headquarters in New
 York City, has consolidated sales of 12.7 billion euros.  With 283
 subsidiaries in more than 150 countries, and 46 plants worldwide, L'Oreal
 employs more than 48,000 people; over 2500 of them working in cosmetics and
 dermatological research.  It is the leading investor in beauty research and
 development with an investment of over 380 million euros in 2000 and has over
 420 patents registered.  L'Oreal Group companies manufacture and market such
 well known brands as, L'Oreal Paris, Lancome, Maybelline, Garnier, Redken 5th
 Ave NYC, Soft Sheen/Carson, Kiehl's Since 1851, Matrix Essentials,
 La Roche-Posay, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Giorgio Armani Parfums, Biotherm and
 Helena Rubinstein.
     EZface Inc. is a NY based company with R&D facilities in Israel that
 developed a revolutionary on-line marketing technology -- "Virtual Mirror".
 The first application enables users to try merchandise on their own images and
 visualize how they actually look when wearing color cosmetics, jewelry,
 eyewear and other fashion accessories.  Using the "Virtual Mirror" users can
 easily and quickly visualize themselves wearing thousands of combinations of
 looks without ever leaving their home. Other applications are being developed
 to support the market needs and will include in-store stations (Kiosks),
 applications for cellular devices and interactive TV.
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