Open Biosystems Launches Decode RNAi Viral Screening Pools for Low-Cost Genome-Scale RNAi Screens

Apr 15, 2008, 01:00 ET from Open Biosystems, Inc.

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala., April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Open Biosystems, Inc.,
 focused on the commercialization of leading-edge life science research
 tools for drug discovery, today announced the availability of new
 Decode(TM) RNAi viral screening pools for multiplexed RNAi screens. This
 novel offering allows researchers access to genome-scale RNAi screens and
 the ability to rapidly screen through thousands of genes at a time
 utilizing PCR and traditional sequencing.
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     The first Decode RNAi viral screening set has been created using Open
 Biosystems' GIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir library validated in its ability to
 produce effective knockdown even when expressed from a single integration
 event in target cells. This pooled screening set targets the entire human
 genome in a ready-to-use lentiviral pool format, extending RNAi screening
 to primary and non-dividing cells. The Decode RNAi product will be expanded
 to include shRNAmir pools providing choices in promoters, fluorescent
 markers and type of viral vector increasing the ability to perform genome
 scale RNAi screening in all cell types and assays.
     Two recent publications from Dr. Greg Hannon and Dr. Steve Elledge,
 developers of the shRNAmir technology for RNAi, display the power of
 multiplexed RNAi screening using shRNAmir pools. They were able to identify
 genes that are selectively required by certain cancer cells but not by
 normal cells. Identification of selective vulnerabilities in specific
 cancer cells is key to the development of alternative cancer therapeutics.
     Dr. Ricky Johnstone, Group Leader of Gene Regulation at the Peter
 MacCallum Cancer Center said, "As beta users of the Open Biosystems' Decode
 RNAi viral pools, we are very happy with its convenient format, knockdown
 performance in multiplexed RNAi screens, as well as, its ability to
 transduce many different cell lines. Researchers at the Peter Mac are very
 excited about the possibilities of being able to comb through thousands of
 genes at a time to further our understanding of cancer biology and
 ultimately the search for novel cancer therapeutics."
     "The Decode RNAi pooled libraries take RNAi screening to the bench
 top," said Troy Moore, Chief Technology Officer at Open Biosystems. "Until
 now, genome-scale RNAi screens could only be performed by large labs or
 institutions that had spent millions of dollars in equipment and reagents.
 The Decode RNAi viral screening pools makes it possible for individual
 laboratories to do these studies without the labor and high cost of
 robotics. Open Biosystems continues to arm the research community with the
 RNAi tools necessary to propel research efforts to the next level. The
 Decode RNAi viral screening pools give researchers at all levels access to
 genome-scale RNAi screens that may lead to novel therapeutics and treatment
 options for human disease."
     Decode RNAi viral screening pools are available immediately as single
 use screening kits for positive selection screening. For additional
 information, please contact
     About Open Biosystems
     Open Biosystems, Inc. develops manufactures and markets genomic
 research tools to scientists and researchers in corporate, academic and
 government laboratories. These research tools provide investigators with
 standardized high-quality genes, RNAi and antibodies for interrogating gene
 function in relation to oncology, neuroscience and metabolic disorders.
 Founded in 2001, Open Biosystems is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama.
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