Open Country Announces Support for Debian Linux Offering the Debian Community Enterprise-Class Systems Management Software

Open Country Creates Choice for Customers with Support for 15 Leading Linux


Aug 08, 2005, 01:00 ET from Open Country

    LINUXWORLD, BOOTH #956, SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Open
 Country, a provider of systems management solutions for Linux servers, blades,
 desktops and appliances today expanded its extensive list of supported Linux
 distributions announcing support for the popular Debian platform. With Debian
 support, Open Country now offers the Debian community a supported enterprise
 management solution boosting the appeal and viability of Debian in the
     Open Country's latest release supports Progeny Componentized Linux (CL)
 3.0, which is based on Debian release 3.1 (Sarge) and is Linux Standard Base
 (LSB) compliant. OC-Manager will run on Debian 3.1 and on any CL-based
 distribution. Having a standard well-defined Debian release like Componentized
 Linux enables Open Country to focus its development, testing and support
     "By adding Debian to Open Country's global choice of 15 Linux
 distributions, Open Country continues to deliver on its promise of being the
 choice leader and further reduce the risk of customers being locked into
 proprietary silos," said Michael Grove, CEO of Open Country. "Componentized
 Linux is a simple low-cost way to optimize Linux and fits very well with our
 commitment of offering what we call "Open Choice" -- providing manageable
 alternatives to evolutionarily adapt the IT enterprise."
     OC-Manager can be implemented in less than a day to efficiently manage
 current Linux implementations whether there are 10 or 10,000 units deployed
 while providing a very adaptable management foundation to expand Open Source
 and other implementations of Linux.  OC-Manager's web-based user interface
 empowers system administrators, even those not specifically trained in Linux,
 to easily perform critical tasks including provisioning, monitoring, backup
 and restore, software and patch management, and disaster recovery.
     "Open Country's addition of Componentized Linux as a supported platform
 for their OC-Manager product will be a welcome development among system
 administrators. It's yet another example of the growing worldwide adoption of
 Debian in the enterprise," said Ian Murdock, Progeny Chairman and founder of
     With widespread support for Linux distributions, Open Country provides a
 single management tool for multiple distributions, simplifying management and
 preserving customer choice.
     About Open Country
     Open Country's Systems Management Software creates "Open Choice" by
 providing a universal management solution for major Linux distributions. Open
 Country makes Linux distributions and software stacks independent of how
 solutions are adopted, managed and supported, allowing organizations to work
 with the best available and most cost effective solutions. With OC-Manager
 (TM), all basic systems management functions such as provisioning, software
 deployment, asset management, backup and restore and remote help desk support
 are provided in a single dashboard so that even a novice administrator can use
 them. With support for 15 leading Linux distributions, Open Country is helping
 expand the worldwide adoption of Linux in the enterprise. For more
 information, visit .

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