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Dec 12, 2007, 00:00 ET from OpenLogic, Inc.

    BROOMFIELD, Colo., Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenLogic, Inc., a provider
 of enterprise open source software solutions encompassing hundreds of open
 source packages, today announced The Open Source Census, a new
 collaborative initiative to quantify the global use of open source in
 enterprises. The Open Source Census will be rolled out in several phases
 over the next six months. The first phase of the program launches today
 with the release of OSS Discovery under an open source license, as well as
 an invitation for open source developers, software vendors and large ISVs
 to join The Open Source Census project.
     The overarching goal of The Open Source Census is to paint an accurate
 portrait of open source usage in the enterprise. Today, many enterprises do
 not know what open source software is installed on desktops and servers --
 making traditional market research methodologies insufficient to identify
 what open source projects are gaining traction in the enterprise.
     Yet the demand for this information is great, as enterprises struggle
 to sift through thousands of open source projects to determine what might
 work for them. Using the new OSS Discovery tool, enterprises will be able
 to scan any of their computers and contribute the scan results back into
 The Open Source Census database -- anonymously and free of charge. Once
 they have contributed scans, enterprises will have access to reports that
 summarize their own open source usage and provide comparisons to other
 similar companies. These reports will enable companies to benchmark their
 own open source usage and identify opportunities to leverage the benefits
 of more open source software.
     All the basic anonymous aggregate data collected through The Open
 Source Census will be provided for free on a web site. This aggregate data
 will list the number of times each project has been installed on computers
 across all participating enterprises.
     The Open Source Census will be a collaborative initiative. During this
 initial phase, OpenLogic is recruiting open source communities, vendors and
 organizations to join The Open Source Census as co-sponsors. Each
 participating partner will share the goal of quantifying and promoting
 corporate open source usage. Partners will also have access to the
 anonymous data gathered by The Open Source Census.
     "As a contributor, expert and leader in the open source community and
 to a number of open source projects such as Apache, Perl, sendmail, PHP,
 GNU and FreeBSD, I can see great value in viewing first hand how
 enterprises are using open source projects," said Jim Jagielski, CTO of
 Covalent Technologies and Chairman of Board of Directors of the Apache
 Software Foundation (ASF). "The Open Source Census could help new projects
 -- as well as established projects -- assess corporate interest and uptake
 of their projects as well as the inherent vitality of their respective
     OpenLogic is also releasing today OSS Discovery, an open source
 software tool that enables enterprises to find installed open source
 software. A revision of previously released OpenLogic Discovery, OSS
 Discovery offers a new pluggable architecture that enables community
 members to contribute their own fingerprint rules to identify open source
 software packages. OSS Discovery can be used under the GNU Affero General
 Public License version 3. OSS Discovery will be available for download from, hosted by CollabNet, the company behind
 popular developer networks and open source community sites such as Sun's and, home of the Subversion open source versioning
     "CollabNet is excited about the potential of what The Open Source
 Census can accomplish," said Bill Portelli, CEO of CollabNet. "Now,
 enterprises will be able to discover, quantify and learn more about their
 actual usage of open source. The data will also allow companies to
 collaborate internally and with open source communities using distributed
 development infrastructure such as CollabNet to innovate and ensure the
 success of open source in the enterprise."
     The next phase of The Open Source Census will be in the first quarter
 of 2008, when the project will begin collecting data on open source usage
 from enterprises.
     For more information on The Open Source Census project or co-sponsor
 opportunities, please visit Downloads for OSS
 Discovery and access to the community for OSS Discovery are at
     "This is an ambitious and worthwhile effort by OpenLogic and it will be
 highly successful with the active involvement of the leading members of the
 open source ecosystem," said Andrew Aitken, CEO of the Olliance Group. "We
 hope that the community sees the value in participating so we all gain
 better insight into how open source software is being used in enterprises
 and government today."
     About OpenLogic
     OpenLogic is a leading provider of open source solutions that enable
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 OpenLogic provides enterprises with a certified library of open source
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