OpenLogic Launches OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0

First to reduce Open Source risks in enterprises by providing comprehensive

control and tracking of more than 160 certified open source solutions

Jun 26, 2006, 01:00 ET from OpenLogic, Inc.

    BROOMFIELD, Colo., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenLogic, Inc., a leading
 provider of software, stacks and support that enable enterprises to easily
 deploy and manage customized open source environments, today announced the
 launch of OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0, the first enterprise-wide solution
 providing a platform that empowers enterprises to manage, deploy, track and
 maintain a broad library of open source solutions.
     Enterprise Control and Tracking of Open Source Software
     OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0, formerly known as BlueGlue, uses a new
 distributed enterprise architecture, which allows enterprises to control
 the use of open source across the enterprise. OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0
 gives enterprises a central repository of approved, certified open source
 products within the corporate firewall; enables companies to automatically
 install, configure and integrate this software on remote servers and
 desktops (using existing software deployment tools if they choose) and
 provides an audit trail of open source software deployment.
     As with past versions, OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0 allows enterprises to
 control which open source products are included in the approved library,
 and can limit usage on various criteria including license type.
     More Certified Open Source Products
     OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0 includes 18 new OpenLogic certified open
 source products including Geronimo, Apache Axis, POI and JLDAP. This brings
 OpenLogic's library to more than 160 pre-certified open source software
 packages, including the most popular open source databases, applications
 servers, IDEs and more. OpenLogic's platform is flexible and extensible,
 enabling companies to build customized stacks by adding their own open
 source products, as well as commercial and proprietary software.
     Side-by-side Version Installation
     OpenLogic has added a side-by-side install capability, to allow users
 to install multiple versions of the same open source product on the same
 computer. This can help users to compare versions of open source packages
 and manage migrations to new releases.
     Ongoing Open Source Maintenance through Certified Updates
     With OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0, OpenLogic expands its OpenUpdate
 maintenance capabilities to allow frequent, incremental updates to an
 enterprise's certified open source library. OpenLogic evaluates and
 certifies patches and new software releases for its entire library of open
 source solutions and provides one-click access through OpenLogic Enterprise
 4.0. Unlike fixed stack providers, the OpenLogic Enterprise technology
 enables customers to go beyond a limited, standard stack by configuring
 custom stacks that mix certified open source with commercial and
 proprietary application.
     Consolidated Open Source Enterprise Support/OpenLogic Expert Community
     OpenLogic offers enterprise support for more than 160 certified open
 source products - providing a single point of contact for enterprise open
 source issues. OpenLogic handles tier 1 and tier 2 support, while tapping
 the open source development community through the OpenLogic Expert
 Community for help in resolving more complex issues. OpenLogic shepherds
 enterprise issues through the entire process to resolution, providing
 enterprises with the commercial-grade service levels they require.
     "Even though many of our largest enterprise customers have continued to
 increase their use of open source software, they have also been telling us
 that controlling the use of hundreds of open source solutions is a time and
 labor intensive process," said Steven Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic. "We
 have created OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0 to address many of the challenges
 unique to managing open source solutions."
     About OpenLogic
     OpenLogic is a leading provider of software, stacks and support that
 enable enterprises to easily customize, deploy and manage commercial-grade
 open source environments. OpenLogic's software automates the integration
 and deployment of any combination of over 160 pre-certified open source
 packages along with proprietary or commercial solutions. The OpenLogic
 solution also mitigates open source legal risks by enabling companies to
 manage and enforce open source policies. OpenLogic's technical support and
 update services give enterprises the commercial-grade reliability they
 demand. OpenLogic is currently used by 700 customers worldwide. For more on
 OpenLogic, go to
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