Oracle Delivers 'Unbreakable Linux' - Low Cost Linux Clusters

Release 2 of Oracle9i Database, Application Server and Oracle9i Developer

Suite Offer Linux Support

Independent Surveys Find Oracle9i is Top Choice in Linux Community

Jun 05, 2002, 01:00 ET from Oracle Corporation

    REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., June 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
 ( ) Demonstrating its commitment to
 provide the most reliable and low-cost computing options to its customers,
 Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq:   ORCL) today announced expanded support for Linux by the
 Oracle9i product line, which includes the newly shipped Release 2 of Oracle9i
 Database, Application Server and the Oracle9i Developer Suite. Today's
 announcement means Oracle customers will now be better equipped to develop and
 deploy enterprise applications using low cost Linux hardware while preserving
 their existing IT skills.
     "IDC expects Linux to become a key platform for enterprise databases in
 the coming years. As such, it is a promising environment for Oracle to focus
 on," said Carl Olofson, Program Director, IDC. "IDC projects that, given the
 right development and support for Linux, the market revenue for relational
 DBMS on Linux will surpass the relational DBMS revenues on UNIX by 2006,
 growing to $5.9 billion." Further analysis can be found in IDC's
 recently-released Worldwide Relational and Object-Relational Database
 Management Systems Software Forecast and Analysis, 2002-2006, document number
     As the first vendor to provide support for Linux in a commercially
 available relational database, an application server and a complete set of
 developer tools, Oracle has been instrumental in driving support for Linux
 since its inception. Oracle is at the forefront of bringing Linux to the
 enterprise and has been named the software vendor of choice in numerous
 independent Linux surveys and the recipient of several Linux awards. Most
 recently, Oracle9i Database was recognized as the number one database for
 Linux by Linux Journal, while Evans Data surveyed Linux developers and found
 Oracle9i Application Server is the most preferred and most deployed
 application server for development on Linux.
     Release 2 of Oracle9i Database Expands Linux Support
     Oracle9i Database Release 2, the latest update to Oracle's award-winning
 database, sets new standards in reliability, scalability and performance. The
 release includes new high availability, business intelligence and XML
 features, as well as numerous manageability improvements. Oracle's unique
 approach to database clustering in Oracle9i Database has enabled enterprise
 customers to reduce the cost of deploying and managing the database.
     "Through our database clustering innovation in the middle-tier, Oracle has
 provided a key component in the delivery of the next cost-effective platform
 for the enterprise," said Charles Rozwat, executive vice president, server
 technologies at Oracle. "We believe Linux is a very attractive option for our
 customers and will continue to be in the future."
     Linux Developers Demand Oracle
     To date, Oracle9i Database has been in high demand in the Linux community.
 In the last year, nearly 370,000 downloads have been recorded on Oracle
 Technology Network (OTN), Oracle's developer community Web site. Oracle9i
 Application Server and Oracle9i Developer Suite have also gained significant
 traction in the past year, logging more than 200,000 downloads.
     With the recent availability of Oracle9i Developer Suite with Oracle9i
 JDeveloper, developers can extend enterprise applications to Linux. By
 reducing the number of separate tools that developers need to support the full
 application development life cycle, industry standards and third-party
 software, Oracle9i Developer Suite and Oracle9i JDeveloper reduce the cost of
 application development and streamline the development of high quality, high
 performance J2EE applications and Web services. Because Oracle9i JDeveloper is
 written in 100 percent Java, it runs natively on low-cost Linux machines for
 optimized performance and scalability -- no other Java integrated development
 environment (IDE) can make this claim.
     "We have found that Oracle9i JDeveloper on Linux is an outstanding
 environment for J2EE, JSP and Web services development, and our J2EE
 applications are deployed exclusively on Linux using Oracle9i Application
 Server," said Rick Ross, president of the 66,000-member Javalobby. "Our
 membership has grown more than 10 percent in just two months, and our Web site
 traffic has increased about 50 percent. I'm certain that the performance and
 scalability of Oracle9i Application Server have been key drivers of this
 growth because our whole site just feels so much better."
     "Using Oracle9i Application Server and Oracle9i JDeveloper, both of which
 are completely written in Java and fully portable, we have been able to make
 immediate progress in our plan to rip Windows out of our data center and
 switch to Linux," continues Ross. "It has been a very strategic business and
 technical decision for us and has enabled our developers to work much more
 productively. Plus, we anticipate our move to Linux will bring a significant
 reduction in hardware and administration costs. Linux is definitely ready for
 the enterprise."
     Release 2 of Oracle9i Database, Application Server and Oracle9i Developer
 Suite on Linux can be downloaded today free-of-charge from Oracle Technology
 Network. A RedHat Package Manager (RPM) format of Oracle9i JDeveloper on Linux
 will be available for developers using RedHat.
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