Oracle Gurus Provide OracleWorld San Francisco Attendees With Grid Roadmap

Oracle Development Dream Team Prepares Insider's Look Into Best Practices,

Software Innovation and Next Generation Database Technology

Sep 05, 2003, 01:00 ET from Oracle Corp.

    REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
 ( )  Oracle Corporation
 (Nasdaq:   ORCL), the world's largest enterprise software company, today
 highlighted several of this year's gurus at OracleWorld San Francisco, to be
 held Sept. 7-11, 2003 at the Moscone Center.  Recognized as innovators among
 their industry peers, this year's Oracle Gurus will provide OracleWorld
 attendees with the opportunity to participate in visionary and highly
 interactive discussions around the future of enterprise grid computing,
 including best practices and building blocks for building grid architectures,
 as well as how best to manage these new computing models.
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     In its third year, the successful "Meet the Gurus" program offers
 developers, database administrators and other technology experts the
 opportunity to interact directly with some of Oracle's top visionaries in an
 informal setting. The gurus at OracleWorld -- 24 in total -- represent all
 aspects of Oracle's database, application server and application development
 teams and include experts in the area of database clustering, Linux kernel
 development, software security, database manageability and enterprise grid
     Many of Oracle's gurus have been with the company for more than 10 years
 and are responsible for some of the industry's most significant technology
 breakthroughs including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).  Oracle Gurus
 participating in the conference include:
     -- Wim Coekaerts -- Linux Guru
        As the principal member of Oracle's "Linux Kernel Group," Corporate
        Architecture, Coekaerts leads his team in looking at how Linux needs to
        evolve and how Oracle can contribute to ensuring large enterprise
        companies can adopt it quickly.  Coekaerts is involved in prototyping
        and researching clustering technologies in Linux, as well as single
        node features.  Coekaerts will address the availability and reliability
        of low-cost infrastructure using Linux in the grid.
     -- Mary Ann Davidson -- Security Guru
        As the chief security officer at Oracle and a 15-year Oracle veteran,
        Davidson has helped oversee development of the industry's most secure
        database, application server and enterprise software products for
        customers.  Under her direction, Oracle has completed 15 independent
        security evaluations, far exceeding any competitor. Davidson will
        provide attendees with the information they need to prepare to deploy
        and manage an enterprise grid environment securely and
     -- Amlan Debnath -- Integration Guru
        Vice president of Server Technologies, Debnath joined Oracle this year
        from TIBCO Software Inc., where he was vice-president of Integration
        Products.  In his eight years at TIBCO, Debnath drove TIBCO's shift
        from messaging vendor to major player in the enterprise integration
        market, working actively with many world-leading customers to
        understand their requirements and develop products that better
        satisfied their needs.  Debnath now oversees the development of the
        enterprise integration technology included in Oracle's application
        server product.
     -- Sunir Kapoor -- Oracle(R) Collaboration Suite Guru
        As vice president of Oracle Collaboration Suite and a 17-year industry
        veteran, Kapoor is responsible for establishing Oracle Collaboration
        Suite as Oracle's fourth line of business, in addition to developing it
        as a market-leading collaboration technology.  Kapoor will address how
        Oracle Collaboration Suite, the only enterprise collaboration product
        available on a grid infrastructure, provides the most effective way to
        manage unstructured data while realizing the benefits of a grid
        architecture, including greater efficiency and reduced costs.
     -- Andy Mendelsohn -- Database Guru
        As senior vice president of Oracle's Server Technologies division,
        Mendelsohn leads development and product management for the Oracle
        database.  An Oracle veteran for more than 13 years, Mendelsohn was the
        mastermind behind code used in the Oracle SQL query-processing engine
        and co-designed Oracle's PL/SQL stored-procedure language.  He led the
        development of the Oracle8i database and the Oracle9i Application
        Server and is currently leading the effort to define and develop future
        database releases.  Mendelsohn will provide attendees with technical
        expertise around how best to build and manage database technology
        within an enterprise grid computing environment.
     -- Angelo Pruscino -- Database Clustering Guru
        Since 1999, Pruscino has led Oracle's RAC development team acting as
        both the team's manager and as a high-level architect on the project.
        Pruscino believes that database clustering technology is an essential
        first step, and integral to, providing the foundation for grid
     -- Jay Rossiter -- Systems Manageability Guru
        A 12-year Oracle veteran, Rossiter works as vice president of Oracle's
        System Management Products division. Rossiter is responsible for the
        development and delivery of Oracle Enterprise Manager and decreasing
        the cost of owning an Oracle Database through automated management and
        low-overhead administrative scalability.
     -- Richard Sarwal -- Database Manageability Guru
        With 14 years at Oracle, Sarwal focuses on managing information
        technology (IT) systems more effectively by ensuring the highest
        performance, scalability, and availability at a significantly lower
        cost than ever before.  For several years, his team has been involved
        in creating the infrastructure and tools to support a vision of
        proactive, automatic management of the database, a key element in
        Oracle's grid computing vision.
     -- Benny Souder -- Grid Computing Guru
        Since joining the Oracle team in 1989, Souder's responsibilities as
        vice president in Oracle's Server Technologies division include
        Oracle's distributed development, including Oracle Streams, Advanced
        Replication, Advanced Queuing, OCI, OCCI, distributed SQL, gateways,
        materialized views, triggers, rules, database job scheduling, and
        object infrastructure technology.  With more than 23 years of
        experience in the software industry, Souder has been revolutionizing
        the future of information management, most notably examining how grid
        computing software can help customers reduce costs and increase IT
     Each Oracle guru will present a general conference session at OracleWorld
 and will also be available throughout the conference in the aptly named Guru
 Lounge, located in the Oracle DEMO grounds on the exhibition floor.  More
 information about Oracle gurus and their session times can be found at:
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