Oracle Ships Two Major Products on Linux

Oracle(R) Internet File System on Linux Poses Threat to Microsoft Windows NT

File System

Oracle Parallel Server on Linux Brings Additional Scalability

To Enterprise Applications

Jan 30, 2001, 00:00 ET from Oracle Corp.

 ( ) Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq:   ORCL), the
 largest provider of software for e-business, today announced the immediate
 availability of Oracle Internet File System on Linux and Oracle(R) Parallel
 Server on Linux. The combination of the popular Linux operating system with
 the free-of-charge Oracle Internet File System download is a compelling,
 cost-effective offering for developers who have been stifled by the expensive,
 inflexible Windows NT operating system/file system. Oracle Parallel Server on
 Linux provides enterprise customers with the first Oracle database for
 high-end data center deployment on Linux cluster configurations. Oracle
 customers can now deploy mission critical, highly available business
 applications in the low-cost Linux environment. The general availability of
 these two products on Linux continues Oracle's commitment to the open-source
 operating system.
     Oracle Internet File System, a feature of the Oracle database, allows
 developers to more easily write and deploy content management and
 collaborative applications using open, Internet programming languages,
 including Java and eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Oracle Internet File
 System delivers the scalability, security and high availability not found in
 any other file system available today. Additionally, Oracle Internet File
 System offers developers the unique ability to extend the file system's
 capabilities using the Java-based Application Programming Interface (API).
 Linux developers will also be able to take full advantage of the new
 functionality introduced in Oracle Internet File System in November 2000,
 including built-in content management features and support for Web Distributed
 Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV), which allows users to collaboratively edit
 and manage files across the Internet.
     Oracle Parallel Server is the most mature and trusted high-availability
 database technology available for the Linux platform. It provides sub-minute
 failover capability, allowing Linux environments to achieve significantly
 improved levels of application and data availability. Oracle Parallel Server
 allows applications running on any server in a cluster instant access to all
 data in a database, and will support up to a 4-node, 8-way cluster. Using
 Oracle Parallel Server, hardware servers work together to manage unpredictable
 workloads and, in case of a system failure, applications will continue to run
 on the remaining nodes with minimum interruption or loss of data. Several
 Linux vendors, including SuSE, TurboLinux and VA Linux, have tested Oracle
 Parallel Server running on Linux and several hardware vendors are working
 closely with Oracle to assemble and provide clusters to their customer bases.
     Oracle Parallel Server and Oracle E-Business Suite running on Linux will
 be demonstrated in the VA Linux booth, #723, during the LinuxWorld Conference
 and Expo, located at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York City.
     "Linux is maturing into an enterprise-class operating system and its
 community is eager for vendors to bring Linux enterprise software products to
 new levels," said Michael Rocha, senior vice president, Platform Technologies
 Division, Oracle Corporation. "The ongoing expansion of Oracle products, such
 as Oracle Parallel Server and Oracle Internet File System, to the Linux
 platform supports the next logical step in addressing enterprise customers'
 business-critical demands in a proven, open standards environment."
     Oracle Parallel Server, an option of the Oracle database, and Oracle
 Internet File System, a free-of-charge feature that ships with the database,
 are available on Linux for immediate purchase from Oracle, or are currently
 available to developers for download free-of-charge on Oracle Technology
 Network. In just the past three months, more than 400,000 developers have
 downloaded Oracle enterprise software products for Linux via the Oracle
 Technology Network.
     Oracle's Support of Linux 2.4.0
     In its ongoing effort to be among the first to support the newest open
 standard technologies, earlier this month Oracle was the first to announce
 support of the Linux 2.4.0 operating system kernel, which offers increased
 performance and scalability at the operating system level.
     Oracle and Linux
     Oracle was one of the first vendors to embrace the grass-roots phenomenon
 of the open-source movement and Linux operating system. In the summer of 1999,
 Oracle announced Oracle8i for Linux and the platform quickly became a
 strategic operating system for Oracle. Oracle has announced all of its major
 Internet Platform software products on Linux, including Oracle8i(TM)
 Release 3, the latest version of its database; Oracle9i(TM) Application
 Server; and Oracle JDeveloper with Business Components for Java and Oracle
 Forms, two popular Oracle application development tools. In August 2000,
 Oracle announced an industry first with the shipment of the first
 enterprise-edition application server on Linux. Oracle adds to its firsts with
 Linux with the addition of Oracle Parallel Server and Oracle Internet File
     About Oracle
     Oracle Corporation provides the software that powers the Internet. For
 more information about Oracle, please call 650-506-7000.
     Oracle is a registered trademark and Oracle8i and Oracle 9i are trademarks
 or registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation.

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