Oracle Strengthens Commitment to Java Developers With Free Development Tool and Open Source Projects

Oracle Eases Development of Composite Applications With Java Server Faces


Jun 28, 2005, 01:00 ET from Oracle Corporation

    REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., June 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Oracle
 (Nasdaq:   ORCL) today announced that it is furthering its commitment to the
 Java developer community by making Oracle(R) JDeveloper 10g available for free
 to all developers.  Additionally, Oracle is proposing to spearhead a
 JavaServer Faces (JSF) tooling project within the Eclipse Foundation
 open-source community and will also join the Apache MyFaces project as a core
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     Facilitating ease of development of enterprise Java applications is one of
 the keys to success for the J2EE platform.  Providing Oracle JDeveloper for
 free and supporting JavaServer Faces, a web application framework designed to
 enable developers to more easily build user interfaces for enterprise Java
 applications, accelerates the development of composite applications and the
 adoption of the J2EE platform.  When leveraged by Oracle JDeveloper 10g's
 integrated development environment, JSF enables developers to rapidly build
 and deploy rich composite applications.
     "By making Oracle JDeveloper free, Oracle is showing its commitment to
 removing all obstacles, including price, to the adoption of Oracle
 JDeveloper," said Christophe Job, vice president, Development, Oracle.  "In
 addition by contributing to MyFaces and offering to lead the Eclipse JSF
 project, Oracle is supporting the latest technology standards and is making
 them accessible to all developers regardless of their choice of IDE."
     Continued Support for All Java Developers
     Committed to providing choice in development environments, Oracle is
 eliminating cost as an acquisition barrier for developers who wish to utilize
 its integrated development environment.  Making Oracle JDeveloper available
 for free enables developers to evaluate the product against competing
 offerings purely on breadth and depth of functionality rather than price.  The
 move marks Oracle's increased dedication to its developer tools and allows the
 company to compete on an even playing field while simultaneously promoting its
 standards-compliant technology stack to the developer community.
     Oracle is the only company to offer developers such a broad, free choice
 of development tools, components and runtime platforms for JSF.  The company
 has submitted a proposal to lead the JSF tooling for Eclipse project.  This
 project builds upon Oracle's Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 tooling project
 announced in April and makes the JSF framework available to an even larger
 base of developers.  Additionally, the functionality provided by the JSF and
 EJB 3.0 Eclipse projects will be available to developers in Oracle JDeveloper.
     Oracle's participation in the MyFaces community, the free open source JSF
 implementation, is also intended to drive adoption of JSF.  As a member of the
 Apache community, Oracle will contribute developer resources and components to
 the project.  Moving forward, MyFaces will be a central part of Oracle
 Application Development Framework, Oracle's JSF offering.  Oracle ADF Faces
 components will be compatible with the MyFaces runtime.
     About Oracle JDeveloper
     Oracle JDeveloper, a mature full-featured development that includes a
 comprehensive Java and Web services integrated development environment, was
 previously priced at $995 named user plus.  The product includes ease-of-use
 features for building SOA applications based on its rich functionality for Web
 services, BPEL process flows, UML modeling and Portlets.  Oracle JDeveloper is
 now available at no charge at
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