Oracle(R) Configurator Adds New Functionality to Serve Specific Industry Needs In Telecommunications, High-Tech and Complex Manufacturing Markets

Over 300 Companies Rely on Oracle Configurator to Meet Their Customers' Unique

Sets of Product Requirements

Jul 08, 2002, 01:00 ET from Oracle Corporation

    REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., July 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
 ( )
 Oracle Corporation (Nasdaq:   ORCL), the world's largest enterprise software
 company, today announced that Oracle(R) Configurator, the strategic guided
 selling and configuration product of the Oracle E-Business Suite, has expanded
 new functionality to facilitate the rapid development of complex,
 inter-connected system configurations.  With Oracle Configurator's new
 Solution-Based Modeling and Connectivity capabilities, system components can
 be added or deleted on the fly and individually configured.  These components
 can then be connected to form a complex network, or system-level,
     Solution-Based Modeling and Connectivity meet the needs of a wide variety
 of companies that use networked components within a system.  These companies
 include communications services companies that have extensive networks for
 data transmission, companies that use networks for moving physical products
 through a material handling system, and companies functioning through a
 network of service providers such as health service providers.  For example,
 Motorola, a leading provider of integrated communications solutions and
 embedded electronic solutions, maintains complex systems comprised of
 networked components.
     "The ability to offer and sell custom networked solutions for our
 customers is imperative in today's competitive wireless infrastructure
 market," said Daniel R. Vissers, section manager of Network Engineering
 Modeling for Motorola's Network Configurator.  "These solutions require
 superior accuracy without increasing the manufacturing cycle-times.  We expect
 the new release of Oracle Configurator to enable us to go beyond our current
 rules-based approach to solve our most complex configuration needs."
     Customers Benefit from Integrated Solution
     As a strategic part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Configurator
 supports configurations across Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
 Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
 from a single, centrally maintained configuration model.  More than
 300 customers -- including Motorola and Pella -- are using Oracle Configurator
 to create and manage configuration models and deliver accurate orders that
 meet their clients' needs.
     Oracle Configurator customers span a wide variety of markets including
 automotive, aerospace, high technology, telecommunications, industrial,
 medical, and service industries.  Oracle Configurator will help Pella, one of
 the world's leading manufacturers of premium-quality windows and doors, to
 streamline their complex supply chain processes by allowing them to improve
 sales effectiveness and manage the processing of custom orders.  Pella chose
 Oracle Configurator for its seamless integration within the Oracle E-Business
 suite and the rapid deployment methodology promoted by Oracle Configurator
 Developer, Oracle's interactive, drag-and-drop environment for creating and
 maintaining configuration models.  Rick Hassman, project manager at Pella
 Corporation said, "We looked at a variety of manufacturing and configuration
 solutions with the goals of simplifying our complex products, reducing our
 maintenance, and supporting a very lean environment.  In the end, we
 determined that only Oracle 11i and Oracle Configurator could offer us a
     "Rapid deployment and ease of maintenance are key factors in building and
 maintaining configuration models," said Doug Souza, vice president of
 Development for Oracle Configurator.  "With Solution-Based Modeling and
 Connectivity, Oracle Configurator customers will be able to quickly build and
 maintain complex configuration models.  Our customers can achieve faster time
 to market and improved sales effectiveness for their most complex products and
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