OSDL and the Service Availability(TM) Forum Jointly Support OpenAIS Development

Open Source Project is Designed to Meet the SA Forum's High Availability

Specifications for Carrier Grade Linux

Nov 04, 2004, 00:00 ET from Open Source Development Labs, Inc.

    BEAVERTON, Ore., Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The Open Source Development Labs
 (OSDL), a global consortium of leading technology companies dedicated to
 accelerating the adoption of Linux(R), today announced support for the
 cooperative development of OpenAIS, an open source Linux project that aims to
 implement the Service Availability(TM) Forum's (SA Forum) Application
 Interface Specification (AIS) for high availability network infrastructure in
 the telecommunications industry.
     The OpenAIS project, started by Monta Vista Software, is now hosted at
 OSDL. Additional OSDL member companies are participating in the co-development
 of the project. OpenAIS is an open source implementation project of the SA
 Forum's Application Interface Specification (AIS). AIS specifies the primary
 interface between Service Availability Middleware and Carrier Grade network
 applications and services.
     OpenAIS is being developed with the active support of the SA Forum and its
 member companies. This project will serve as a reference implementation of the
 interface specification in Carrier Grade Linux and therefore accelerate the
 consistent implementation of AIS by commercial implementers of Service
 Availability middleware and Carrier Grade applications. OSDL Carrier Grade
 Linux Requirements Definition, version 2.0, calls for support of the SA
 Forum's Application Interface Specification.
     "The Service Availability Forum enables the adoption of off-the-shelf
 building blocks to create high availability network infrastructure products
 and services," said Mike Spies, liaison chair of the SA Forum. "We're pleased
 that OSDL's Carrier Grade Linux Working Group is supporting a project that
 will comply with the SA Forum AIS and applaud the progress the working group
 is making in preparing Linux for carrier-grade applications."
     "OSDL's Carrier Grade Linux Working Group is helping to reduce the cost of
 rolling out high availability network infrastructure built around Linux," said
 Timo Jokiaho, Director of Technology for Nokia, a member of the OSDL Carrier
 Grade Linux Working Group steering committee and former president of the SA
 Forum. "By identifying carrier-grade requirements and focusing resources on
 the key projects to meet these requirements, the OSDL working group can help
 accelerate adoption of Linux in the telecommunications sector."
     OpenAIS aims to deliver production software for maximum (99.9999) uptime
 operation in the face of network and system failures. The SA Forum's AIS
 defines six Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that help to maintain
 service during network failure. The OpenAIS project has completed developer
 implementations for four of the APIs:
     -- Availability Management Framework
     -- Cluster Membership Service
     -- Checkpoint Service
     -- Event Service
     Two API implementations are planned for the future:
     -- Message Service
     -- Lock Service API
     "Telecommunication vendors have stringent requirements for their high
 availability infrastructure," said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL. "Linux is up to
 the task and we welcome increased participation from the telecommunication
 vendors in defining Linux requirements and implementing carrier-grade
 infrastructure projects."
     Additional information and software with full source code for OpenAIS is
 available at http://developer.osdl.org/dev/openais/ .
     About the Service Availability(TM) Forum
     The Service Availability Forum is a consortium of industry-leading
 communications and computing companies working together to foster an ecosystem
 that enables the use of commercial off-the-shelf building blocks in the
 creation of high availability network infrastructure products, systems and
 services. To achieve this goal, the Service Availability Forum develops and
 publishes high availability and management software interface specifications
 while promoting and facilitating their adoption by industry. Service
 Availability Forum membership offers the opportunity to help frame and
 implement the Service Availability solution. For more information about the
 Service Availability Forum, visit www.saforum.org.
     About Open Source Development Labs (OSDL)
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