OTG Software Strengthens Position as Leading Software Supplier to Mid-Range NAS Appliance Market

OTG Partners With Rising Edge Technologies to Provide Affordable

Data Access and Archival Appliances for Storage, Email, and Video

Oct 15, 2001, 01:00 ET from OTG Software Inc.

    ROCKVILLE, Md., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Strengthening its presence in the
 mid-range Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance market, OTG Software Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   OTGS) today announced that Rising Edge Technologies, a leading
 storage appliance vendor, has added OTG's solutions to its archive appliance
 servers.  The combination of OTG's storage, email and video archival and
 access solutions and Rising Edge's NS-100 appliance family provide cost-
 effective solutions for corporate workgroups and small-to-medium businesses.
 Using OTG's solutions, application-specific appliances can now meet the
 storage and access demands of specific markets.
     "OTG's clear understanding and technological expertise in the storage
 industry made it an easy choice for us to offer their solutions with our
 servers," said Jerry Curl, CEO of Rising Edge.  "We now have a leg up on our
 competition by providing a better storage solution to our customers and OTG
 has given us a competitive differentiator that is hard to beat."
     Rising Edge will offer three different appliance packages through its NS-
 100 optical storage server, which provides 900 GB of high performance RAID and
 multi-terabyte optical archive in a single rack mounted unit.  The storage
 appliance package utilizes OTG's DiskXtender(R), which will automate the
 migration of stored data to the NS-100 device.  The email appliance solution
 utilizes OTG Software's EmailXtender(TM) to permit rules-based archiving and
 search-based retrieval of mail messages and attachments.  Finally, the video
 appliance package builds on OTG's VideoXtender(TM) product to provide
 automated data transfer within the NS-100 server so that video assets can be
 accessed directly from primary or secondary media without manual intervention.
     "With NAS playing a central role within corporate IT strategies, we want
 to be well positioned as a dominant player within this market," said William
 Caple, executive vice president of OTG Software.  "Building on our previously
 announced relationships with Maxtor and Snap Appliances, and now with Rising
 Edge, we continue to execute on our strategy to partner with storage appliance
 vendors, to provide value-added storage and access technology."
     The bundled solutions are immediately available from Rising Edge.  For
 more information, contact Rising Edge at 703-471-8108.
     About Rising Edge Technologies, Inc
     Rising Edge Technologies is focused on providing data capture and archive
 storage solutions.  The company's data capture solutions offer fast, flexible
 signal acquisition products for fixed and portable applications.  Its network
 attached archive servers offer high capacity, low cost per megabyte, software-
 free access to multiple operating systems and a 30-year data life.  Competing
 solutions might offer one or two of these characteristics but not all four.
 Contact the company today for more information.  Rising Edge Technologies is
 located in Herndon, Va.  http://www.risingedge.com
     About OTG Software
     OTG Software provides next-generation data management and collaboration
 solutions that virtualize storage for any type of data, including files,
 messages and databases, while providing easy and transparent access.  OTG's
 application-oriented approach supports all platforms with open architecture
 solutions that scale from the department to the enterprise, and integrate
 seamlessly to store, track and retrieve information.  Headquartered in
 Rockville, Maryland, the company has a customer base of over 15,000
 organizations and a global network of VARs, distributors, and OEMs.
 Infinite Storage. Immediate Access.(TM)  http://www.otg.com
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 These risks and uncertainties include:  (i) the ability to recruit and retain
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 adoption rate of Windows NT, Windows 2000, UNIX and Linux (iv) growing
 competition and (v) our ability to maintain and manage our growth. We
 undertake no obligation to update or supplement this information.  For
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 results, please refer to the discussions of "Risk Factors" in our Annual
 Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2000, filed with the SEC
 on March 7, 2001, and our Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended
 June 30, 2001, filed with the SEC on August 13, 2001.
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