OurStory Launches Flagship Product at DEMO

Innovative Silicon Valley Social Networking Start-up Announces Online

Service for Member-Generated Storytelling & Collaborative Family History

Jan 30, 2007, 00:00 ET from OurStory

    PALM DESERT and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ --
 OurStory, a new online service that guides users to collaboratively create
 and share life stories and biographies, announced their initial product
 launch today at the prestigious DEMO '07 Conference in Palm Desert, CA.
     OurStory is a user-generated personal content web site that combines
 the best of blogging, photo sharing, digital storytelling, and family
 history. It uses a rich feature set that includes an interactive visual
 timeline, privacy controls, collaborative email requests and a library of
 over 2,000 prompting interview questions. OurStory content can be preserved
 online, backed up to a home computer and made into heirloom-quality books,
 CDs and DVDs.
     While most social networking sites such as MySpace.com focus on adding
 "friends," OurStory encourages deeper sharing and a collaborative process
 of online storytelling among family, friends and groups.
     Major features of OurStory.com include:
     * A Lifelong Timeline:  Once and for all, OurStory's drag and drop visual
       timeline easily records any milestone, event, moment or memory. Enter
       stories with photos and videos in any order and the timeline sequences
       them chronologically.
     * Collaborative Storytelling and Interviewing:  Users can share multimedia
       stories with family and friends, gather comments and guest photos and
       exchange "life-interview" questions. Members can also work together to
       collect a group history with photos, comments and videos.
     * Private and Secure:  Connected to private circles of family and friends,
       users decide who can see each entry, and who can add photos and stories
       to their timeline.
     * Preserve Living History:  At any time, free downloadable software allows
       the user to import a copy of the complete timeline collection to a home
       computer for local backup. Heirloom books, CDs and DVDs can be created
       as gifts or mementos that document special events, births, memorials,
       anniversaries or family biographies. Books start at $18.95, and orders
       are fulfilled in five to seven business days.
     Andy Halliday, CEO/Founder of OurStory shared his inspiration for
 starting OurStory, "Family tradition and personal history are captured in
 the stories we tell about our lives. But these are often lost or forgotten.
 At OurStory we set out to involve everyone in a fun and engaging process
 that uses the latest innovations on the web to make sharing and preserving
 important moments and memories easy, beautiful, and rewarding."
     Chris Shipley, analyst and executive producer of the DEMO conferences,
 says, "OurStory has created a helpful service for the consumer market with
 its feature-rich, Web-delivered services that enable digital storytelling,
 unique collaborative social networking, and easy archiving of valuable
 family history."
     OurStory is a full-featured free service on the web with a premium
 subscription for $39.95 (USD) per year that adds features such as multiple
 profiles and timelines, unlimited privacy circles, style embellishment, and
 discounts on books and CD/DVDs.
     Information about OurStory is available at www.ourstory.com .
     About OurStory
     OurStory is an online service where family and friends share and
 preserve life stories, photos and video, organized in a visual
 photo-history timeline. Through privacy controls, guided templates and
 interview questions, OurStory encourages users to securely capture, share
 and preserve stories from life's shoebox and save them in a lasting format
 online, on a home computer for local backup, in books and on CD/DVDs.
     Founded by Andy Halliday and Chris Lunt in June of 2005, OurStory is
 funded by Benhamou Global Ventures, El Dorado Ventures and Venrock
 Associates. OurStory's free online service is available at www.ourstory.com