Overdrive Herbicide Now Available

Unique Herbicide Achieves Superior Broadleaf Control With Significantly Less

Active Ingredient

Mar 24, 2004, 00:00 ET from BASF Corporation

    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- BASF Professional
 Vegetation Management (ProVM) has recently introduced Overdrive(R) herbicide,
 the newest addition to its product portfolio.  A postemergent herbicide,
 Overdrive provides fast, long-term control of broadleaf weeds in key non-crop
 markets, such as roadside, industrial and rangeland.
     A unique formulation of diflufenzopyr and dicamba, Overdrive reduces
 active ingredient use by half, while achieving consistent or improved control
 of target annual, perennial and biennial broadleaf weeds.  This new herbicide
 is particularly well-suited when cost-effective control of tough nuisance
 weeds is critical.
     "One of the key benefits of Overdrive is that it can be applied in low use
 rates," said Dan Beran, Market Development Specialist, BASF ProVM. "This helps
 vegetation managers reduce application costs and increase weed-control
 effectiveness, without sacrificing long-term control of broadleaf weeds."
     Plot studies(1) have shown that application of 4 - 6 ounces per acre of
 Overdrive can result in equal or greater weed control when used alone or in
 combination with other herbicides, such as clopyralid, picloram or triclopyr.
 It is well suited for roadside vegetation management in guardrail, median and
 right-of-way areas.  In addition, Overdrive is an excellent tool for use in
 touch-up or burndown treatments in key bareground markets, such as industrial
 facilities and utility substations.
     "Because Overdrive(R) herbicide contains diflufenzopyr, it offers
 increased dicamba activity and makes Overdrive an ideal choice for enhancing
 tank mix partners," said Beran. "For example, combining it with Tordon* 22K
 herbicide (picloram) in a tank mix results in better control of the toughest
 broadleaf weeds, including leafy spurge."
     Overdrive controls more than 90 annual broadleaf weeds, including kochia,
 Russian thistle, marestail, sowthistle and prostrate spurge, as well as more
 than 50 biennial and perennial weeds, such as musk thistle, yellow
 starthistle, Canada thistle, western ragweed and horsenettle.
     For more information on Overdrive Herbicide, visit www.vmanswers.com .
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      (1) Tichich, R.P., and J.D. Doll (University of Wisconsin-Madison); BASF
          Research Trials
      Always read and follow label directions.
      Overdrive is a registered trademark of BASF.
      *Tordon is a registered trademark of Dow AgroSciences.

SOURCE BASF Corporation