PA DEP Applauds Pennsylvania Dental Association's Update to Waste Management Guidelines

Information Will Help Dentists and Their Staff Understand and Comply With

State Regulations

Dec 18, 2003, 00:00 ET from Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

    HARRISBURG, Pa., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pennsylvania Department of
 Environmental Protection and Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) have
 updated the PDA's Waste Management Guidelines to give dentists and their staff
 the information they need to recycle or safely dispose of commonly used dental
 materials such as mercury and lead, and hazardous materials such as infectious
     "Regulations for the handling of many of these waste materials can be very
 complicated," said Nicholas A. DiPasquale, DEP Deputy Secretary of Air,
 Recycling and Radiation Protection.  "Finding information on how and where to
 process and dispose of small amounts can be difficult. The manual provides
 this information in a concise, easy-to-understand format, and promotes
 responsible waste reduction procedures."
     "DEP and PDA have been working for years to educate Pennsylvania dentists
 about the proper handling and disposal of wastes generated during office
 procedures," said PDA President Stephen J. Jaworski, DMD. "PDA recommends
 reduction and recycling of wastes whenever possible, and these issues are
 addressed in the Waste Management Guidelines manual."
     The manual originally was published in 2001 with assistance from corporate
 partners Safety-Kleen and Kodak. The manual lists hazardous chemicals commonly
 found in dental offices, recommendations for proper processing and disposal
 and contact information for waste handlers who will accept mercury, silver,
 lead and infectious and hazardous wastes.
     The updated manual includes a "Quick Reference" card with the latest
 contact information and processing requirements for approved waste handlers
 that recycle or dispose of these materials. The new manual will be sent to all
 licensed dentists in Pennsylvania.
     For more information on PDA, visit its Web site at
     For more information on waste management, visit DEP's Web site at, Keyword: "Waste Management."
     CONTACT:  Tom Rathbun, PA DEP, +1-717-787-1323; or Stephanie Glecos, PDA,
 +1-717-234-5941, ext. 133.

SOURCE Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection