PacificNet iMobile Partners with TiVo Greater China (TGC) to Market and Distribute Localized Video Products for the Chinese Market

* Phase 1 Includes Promotion of TiVo's Localized Personal Video Recorder

(PVR) Products In 5 Major Chinese Cities

Jun 26, 2007, 01:00 ET from PacificNet, Inc.

    BEIJING, June 26 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- PacificNet, Inc. (Nasdaq:  
 PACT), a leading provider of gaming technology, e-commerce and Customer
 Relationship Management (CRM) services in China, announced today that its
 subsidiary, PacificNet iMobile, has entered into an agreement with TiVo
 Greater China (TGC) to market their PVR/DVR products and services in China.
     Under this agreement, PacificNet iMobile will promote and distribute
 TGC products in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou as well as other major cities
 in China. PacificNet iMobile will expand its marketing channel from online
 sales to user trial activities. Leveraging PacificNet iMobile's ecommerce
 expertise in China and TGC's advanced technology and sales support, the two
 companies will provide quality PVR/DVR products to consumers across China.
     PVRs or Personal Video Recorders (also known as a "DVR" or Digital
 Video Recorders) improve home entertainment by providing consumers with an
 easy way to record, watch, and control television. DVR/PVR records
 broadcast television programming in a digital format on a hard disk drive
 rather than on a medium such as a VHS tape, allowing viewers to pause a
 live broadcast or replay video from a buffer, as well as the recording,
 timed-recording, and playback of their favorite television broadcasts.
     Established in 1997, TiVo has experienced significant growth as its
 products have proven popular with consumers in many markets worldwide. TiVo
 devices have evolved steadily with many new features such as DVD recording,
 commercial skip capability, sharing of recordings over the Internet, and
 programming and remote control using PDAs, networked PCs, or Web browsers.
 TiVo can be set to auto-record according to a programming timetable with
 80GB of memory for up to 90 hours of recording. TiVo's many features have
 proven a complement and enhancement to the overall home entertainment
     PacificNet iMobile currently has about 200 staff in China and operates
 its e-commerce business via two internet portals, "" and
 "", and a WAP portal, "", for mobile phone browsing.
 iMobile has the largest mobile user community in China, with over 3.4
 million registered users while "" is the leading Internet
 e-commerce distributor of mobile products in China with logistic centers
 and partners covering 25 provinces and 72 major cities throughout China and
 service coverage for 1875 cities in China. In addition, iMobile's
 "" is the designated internet distributor for Motorola, Nokia, and
 NEC's mobile products in China.
     Liu Lei, PacificNet iMobile's General Manager, stated, "We are pleased
 to become partners of TiVo Greater China (TGC) and to help them promote
 their products in mainland China. TGC PVR provides interactive personal
 entertainment services through existing broadband and cable TV networks. It
 enhances the traditional passive way of watching TV. With a PVR, viewers
 are no longer constrained by the timetable of TV programs as broadcast by
 TV stations. Instead, PVR users can view whatever they want, whenever they
 want to watch it. We will use our expertise to help TGC boost its sales and
 increase its popularity among consumers in China."
     "We believe that the opportunity to work with one of the leading
 consumer video electronics providers in the world is substantial," said
 Victor Tong, President of PacificNet. "PacificNet iMobile has demonstrated
 its ability to support a wide range of online and offline marketing
 initiatives. With the growing demand for innovative consumer electronics in
 China, we feel that the potential to generate strong revenue from this
 relationship is significant. PacificNet iMobile's nationwide e-commerce and
 customer service centers, covering 40 major cities in China represent an
 opportunity to enhance PacificNet's e-commerce and CRM services network in
     About Tivo Greater China (TGC)
     TiVo Greater China (TGC) is a close partner of TiVo Inc. (Nasdaq:   TIVO)
 headquartered in California, USA, TGC has the exclusive operation right to
 provide TiVo-based Personal Video Recorder (PVR) services in the Greater
 China and Singapore region. TGC (Shanghai) Inc. is in charge of related
 business issues in China. With the technology, service expertise and
 operation know-how gained from TGC Inc.'s largest shareholder, TiVo Inc.,
 TGC designs & manufactures new DVR platforms as well as integrating DVR
 functionality into other consumer electronics devices. TGC Inc. is the
 exclusive TiVo partner in the Greater China (China, Hong Kong, & Taiwan)
 and Singapore television entertainment markets. TiVo and the TiVo Logo are
 trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. or its subsidiaries in the
 United States and other jurisdictions.
     About PacificNet
     PacificNet, Inc. ( is a leading provider of
 gaming technology, e-commerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
 in China. PacificNet's gaming products are specially designed for Chinese
 and Asian gamers with focus on integrating localized Chinese and Asian
 themes and content, advanced graphics, digital sound effects and popular
 domestic music, with secondary bonus games and jackpots. PacificNet's
 gaming clients include the leading hotels, casinos, and gaming operators in
 Macau, Asia, and Europe, while ecommerce and CRM clients include the
 leading telecom companies, banks, insurance, travel, marketing and business
 services companies and telecom consumers in Greater China such as China
 Telecom, China Mobile, Unicom, PCCW, Hutchison Telecom, Bell24, Motorola,
 Nokia, SONY, TCL, Huawei, American Express, Citibank, HSBC, Bank of China,
 Bank of East Asia, DBS, TNT, China and Hong Kong government. PacificNet
 employs about 1,200 staff in its various subsidiaries throughout China with
 offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau and
 Zhuhai China, USA, and the Philippines.
     PacificNet USA office:
     Jacob Lakhany, Tel: +1-605-229-6678
     PacificNet Beijing office:
     Ada Yu, Tel: +86 (10) 59225000
     23rd Floor, Building A, TimeCourt, No.6 Shuguang Xili, Chaoyang District,
     Beijing, China 100028
     PacificNet Shenzhen Office:
     Tel: +86 (10) 33222088
     Room 4203, JinZhongHuan Business Center, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

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