Palamida Expands Their Compliance Library With Support for the Python Programming Language

Over 6,200 New Open Source Projects Added to Their Expansive Database

Mar 14, 2007, 01:00 ET from Palamida

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Palamida(TM), the leader in
 software intellectual property management solutions and audit services,
 today announced that it has expanded its extensive compliance library to
 include over 6,200 new open source projects while adding support for the
 popular Python programming language.
     Python is one of the three "P-languages" enjoying massive acceptance
 among developers as part of the open source LAMP platform that includes:
 Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python. Detection of Python open source
 software is increasingly important among the large number of companies
 utilizing the LAMP stack as a core component of their own software
 development activities.
     "Python has always had strong acceptance among the open source
 community. With enterprise adoption of application servers like Zope and
 content management systems like Plone beginning to accelerate, we felt that
 adding Python to our Open Source Repository provides important support to
 our early adopter enterprise customers," said Ray Waldin, CTO of Palamida.
     The Palamida Open Source Repository weighs in at 3 Terabytes of data,
 representing the current OSS projects collected by the company. This
 massive store of information is then distilled into an efficient,
 searchable dataset, or "compliance library". Condensing the Repository
 provides a profoundly streamlined database that is easily distributed,
 allowing customers to store and search against the data using existing
 computer systems and storage solutions. Extensible and customizable, the
 compliance library empowers users to freely add their own proprietary code
 as well as licensed commercial code -- providing an in-depth code inventory
 and complete audit trail. Palamida's flagship product, IP Amplifier(TM),
 relies on the compliance library during code base scans to identify
 software intellectual property concerns.
     The compliance library, in conjunction with IP Amplifier, provides
 superior detection of open source software products and associated
 licenses, as well as copyright and trademark information on:
     * Over 780K open source project versions
     * 140K unique open source projects
     * 10 million Java names
     * Over 392 million open source files
     * Nearly 7 billion source code snippets
     * Over 390 million binary files
     About the Company
     Palamida enables organizations to manage the growing complexity of
 multi-source development environments by answering the question, "What's in
 your code?" Through detailed analysis of the code base customers gain
 insight into their code inventory -- a critical component of quality
 control, risk mitigation, and vulnerability assessment.
     Palamida was founded in 2003, offering market leading solutions and
 services that allow organizations to safely and confidently leverage the
 power of open source in internal and external software development.
 Palamida's customers include Avaya, Cisco Systems, EMC, Microsoft and Sun
 Microsystems, among others. Read Palamida's blog at
 or for more information visit .

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