Paltalk to Broadcast 'Match of the Modern Masters,' Sponsored by Talon Air, Featuring Tennis Legends Pete Sampras and Jim Courier, Live On the Internet via Interactive Video Community

Multimedia Socialcasting Platform Enables Online Audience to Experience

Live Sporting Events with Unprecedented Levels of Video Interactivity

Jul 26, 2007, 01:00 ET from Paltalk

    NEW YORK, July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Paltalk, the leading real-time,
 video- based community with over 4 million users, today announced it will
 be broadcasting an exhibition match between former Grand Slam champions
 Pete Sampras and Jim Courier today at 2 PM EDT. The match, sponsored by
 Talon Air, a leading on-demand luxury air-charter services, will be held at
 Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island and broadcasted LIVE online
 over Paltalk's interactive video community. Paltalk will enable viewers not
 only to watch the match but see, hear and interact with each other through
 voice, video and text chat while the match is taking place. This will be
 the first time Paltalk's platform will be used to exclusively broadcast a
 live sporting event and provides an ideal venue for tennis fans to see a
 non-competition match between two of the world's leading tennis pros.
     "Our broadcast of the Sampras-Courier match is yet another compelling
 way our socialcasting platform is taking live webcasting to new levels. The
 layers of interactivity our platform provides to enable viewers not only to
 watch, but to interact with each other during the broadcast, truly presents
 a new type of 'virtual living room' where people can gather to enjoy all
 types of live programming, including sporting events," said Joel Smernoff,
 President and COO of Paltalk. "Online video viewing is rapidly changing,
 and we see it becoming more and more interactive as new technology presents
 compelling ways to experience traditional broadcast programming. Many
 professional sports with devoted fan bases are looking for more
 opportunities to bring events to viewers, opportunities that network
 television is not offering them. Paltalk presents a viable option for
 sports like tennis, hockey and other professional-level leagues to engage
 both existing and new fans in a unique community environment."
     To view the Sampras-Courier match live on Paltalk's video community,
     About Paltalk
     Paltalk is the premier real-time, video-based community pioneering the
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 chat. With more than 4 million active users, Paltalk hosts the world's
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     Paltalk's diverse programming includes Paltalk original shows including
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 as the radio jocks Opie and Anthony and Samantha Daniels. The company also
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 and performers in real-time as well as other members in the room. Paltalk
 also offers its users the ability to create and share their own
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