Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza Launches New Sicilian Pan Pizza

Olive oil-brushed crust, fire-roasted onions, Italian sausage and pepperoni

give new pan pizza Sicilian flare

Sep 29, 2005, 01:00 ET from Papa Murphy's

    VANCOUVER, Wash., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake
 Pizza, the world's largest and fastest-growing take-and-bake pizza chain,
 announces the launch of its new Sicilian Pan Pizza. The Sicilian Pan Pizza
 will offer guests a new experience -- starting with a delectable olive oil-
 brushed crust topped with hearty Sicilian pizza sauce, fire-roasted onions,
 premium pepperoni and Italian sausage, and freshly grated 100-percent
 mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.
     "Papa Murphy's has had great success with traditional and thin crust
 options, and the Sicilian Pan Pizza expands our menu to include a wonderful
 pan-style crust," says Jeff Hill, chief strategic officer for Papa Murphy's
 International. "Papa Murphy's is always innovating and looking for ways to
 keep our menu fresh and exciting.  Customers obviously love what we're doing,
 as they've voted us Best Pizza Chain in America for the last three years.  The
 Sicilian Pan Pizza is just one more reason for our customers to visit Papa
 Murphy's and enjoy our delicious pizza at home whenever they want it."
     Papa Murphy's conducted market tests across the Midwest and the Pacific
 Northwest for the Sicilian Pan Pizza, which was extremely well received.
 Guests enjoyed the bold flavors of the pizza and the new pan-style crust.  "As
 with our Sicilian Pan Pizza, we'll put each new menu item we introduce through
 rigorous testing -- both in our test kitchens and with consumers, to deliver
 new products that customers really enjoy and that make sound business sense
 for our franchisees," says Hill.
     Sicilian Pan Pizza will be served in a convenient take-home aluminum
 baking pan and will be offered in both original and family sizes. Baking time
 will be between 15 and 20 minutes in customers' home ovens and the price for
 an original size Sicilian Pan Pizza will begin at $6.99.
     About Papa Murphy's. Papa Murphy's is the sixth-largest pizza chain in the
 country and the pioneer of the Take 'N' Bake pizza concept. Nearly 900 Papa
 Murphy's locations operate in 29 states, and the company plans to open 70
 additional restaurants in 2005. The Vancouver, Wash.-based company offers
 custom-made pizzas on dough that is made fresh each day and generously layered
 with the highest quality fresh toppings to ensure a superior tasting product.
 Made-to-order in each store, Papa Murphy's pizzas are baked at home in your
 oven for a piping hot, delicious product whenever you want it. In addition to
 its pizza products, the company offers a wide spectrum of Take 'N' Bake food -
 including cheesy bread, chocolate chip cookie dough and dessert pizzas, as
 well as salads. New products are constantly in development. Papa Murphy's has
 been selected Best Pizza Chain in America for the last three years by
 Restaurants and Institutions Consumers' Choice in Chains survey. For more
 information, visit

SOURCE Papa Murphy's