Paramount Television's 'STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE' Begins Production on its Fourth Season

Series Premieres on its New Night: Fridays at 9:00PM on UPN

Jul 14, 2004, 01:00 ET from Paramount Television

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, the most
 recent installment and fifth television series from Paramount's long-running
 and ever-popular Star Trek franchise, begins production on its fourth season
 this week.  The series is moving to Friday nights at 9:00PM (ET/PT) and will
 resume with the episode entitled, "Storm Front Pt. I" (airdate TBD).
     Last season, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE took a startling new direction, which
 presented some of the most spectacular action and visual effects in Star Trek
 history.  It was the first time a Star Trek series followed a season-long
 story arc, which chronicled the crew as they were confronted with their
 greatest challenge: saving Earth from a new race of threatening time-traveling
 aliens, the Xindi.  These aliens, first seen in the second season finale,
 launched a preemptive strike against Earth, killing millions.  At the
 conclusion of the third season the crew successfully stopped the Xindi's super
 weapon from destroying Earth.  However, in the process, Captain Archer (Scott
 Bakula) was seriously injured and transported to what appeared to be World War
 II-era Nazi Germany.
     Over the course of the third season, Archer conjured a greater
 decisiveness and toughness that was necessary to lead his crew into the
 dreaded Delphic Expanse and destroy the Xindi's super weapon.  T'Pol (Jolene
 Blalock) left the Vulcan High Command and consequently shed her Vulcan hair
 and clothing.  Though the Xindi weapon has been destroyed, she remains
 unconvinced that those traveling in space and the Earth itself are safe.
     In addition to Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock, the cast members include:
 Connor Trinneer as Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker III, Dominic Keating
 as Lt. Malcolm Reed; Anthony Montgomery as Ensign Travis Mayweather; Linda
 Park as Ensign Hoshi Sato and John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox.
     Manny Coto, co-executive producer of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, joins the
 ranks of show runner alongside Rick Berman and Brannon Braga this season.
 Shortly after graduating from the American Film Institute, Coto wrote and
 directed an episode of "Tales from the Crypt."  He went on to direct the
 feature film, "Dr. Giggles" and the children's film, "Star Kid."  He was also
 a writer and producer on the series "Outer Limits" and created the series
 "Odyssey 5" for Showtime.  He joined the writing staff of STAR TREK:
 ENTERPRISE in 2003.
     Rick Berman and Brannon Braga are the executive producers and creators of
 STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, which is based on Star Trek created by Gene
 Roddenberry.  STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE is produced by Paramount Television for
 UPN.  Paramount Television is a unit of Viacom Inc.

SOURCE Paramount Television