Patagonia CEO Michael Crooke Named CEO of Steve Case's Revolution Living

Jonathan Foster Joins as Executive Vice President

Jan 05, 2006, 00:00 ET from Revolution, LLC

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Michael Crooke, the outgoing CEO of
 Patagonia, will become the founding CEO of Revolution Living, the new company
 created by Steve Case to build businesses that inspire people to live more
 balanced and meaningful lives.  Crooke, credited with building Patagonia into
 one of the world's most recognized, successful and socially responsible
 brands, will start with Revolution Living effective immediately.
     Revolution Living also announced that Jonathan Foster, a veteran of Lazard
 Freres and Cypress Group, has become Revolution Living's Executive Vice
 President for Finance and Business Development.
     Revolution Living: A Different Kind of Company
     Revolution Living, one of three areas of focus of Revolution LLC, is a
 different kind of company:  a business offering goods and services that cater
 to consumers seeking both more balanced lives for themselves, and a more
 sustainable future for our planet.  Current Revolution Living holdings include
 "Miraval: Life in Balance," (the nation's leading mind-body-spirit resort);
 "LIME: Healthy Living with a Twist," (a multi-platform channel); Flexcar (the
 nation's first carsharing service) and a minority interest in Gaiam (the
 leading distributor of products to people who value personal development,
 natural health, and inspirational entertainment).
     "Over the past twenty years, innovative entrepreneurs have been working to
 build a new class of companies that strive to do good as well as doing well,"
 said Steve Case, Chairman of Revolution Living.  "The success of companies
 like Whole Foods has demonstrated that ideas that once seemed on the margins
 are now becoming mainstream -- as consumers strive to make better choices,
 seek to do business with companies they respect, and buy products and services
 that promote a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle."
     Case continued:  "Revolution Living seeks to be at the center of this
 transformation, helping passionate entrepreneurs reach a mainstream audience,
 while remaining true to their founding values.  With Michael Crooke as CEO, we
 have a proven leader who can make this goal a reality -- a leader who can
 build businesses and brands that create value while inspiring people and
 promoting values."
     Michael Crooke:  A Different Kind of CEO
     Michael Crooke has a unique track record for business success and social
 responsibility.  Starting in 1999, Crooke spent six years as President and CEO
 of Patagonia and its parent company, Lost Arrow Corporation.  During his
 tenure as Patagonia's CEO, Crooke led it to tremendous growth, while nurturing
 its core values of quality and environmentalism.  Under Crooke, Patagonia
 became a definitional brand for customers interested in lifestyles of health
 and sustainability (LOHAS).  Patagonia and Crooke also won numerous awards for
 social responsibility, environmental activism, and sustainable business
 practices.  This led to rapid growth, and enabled Patagonia to become one of
 Fortune's 15 "Best Companies to Work For."
     Crooke said, "I didn't leave one of the best companies on the planet to do
 something pedestrian.  I joined Revolution Living to partner with Steve Case
 to change the world.  I found a partner who understood and embraced the
 concept of doing well and doing good.  My goal at Revolution Living will be to
 build the team and the businesses so that all stakeholders reap the rewards of
 creating and growing inspiring brands.  These are the brands that will come to
 define successful business in the 21st century.  Of course, it starts with
 having a great product or service that people really want to buy, but it
 doesn't stop there -- the next wave of iconic brands will stand for things
 that people want to be part of, and inspire people to live better, more
 balanced lives."
     As CEO of Revolution Living, Crooke will oversee the work of the CEO's of
 Miraval, LIME and Flexcar.
     "Michael Crooke is a proven leader, in both the business and the
 environmental communities.  With him at the helm, there's every reason to
 expect great things from Revolution Living," said Denis Hayes, National
 Coordinator of the first Earth Day, and the President of the Bullitt
     Foster also Joins Revolution Living
     Jonathan Foster has joined Revolution Living as Executive Vice President
 for Finance and Business Development.  Foster is a veteran of investment
 banking, private equity banking, and start-up business operations.  Foster has
 previously been a partner at well-known New York financial firms Lazard
 Freres, Bear Stearns, and the Cypress Group.  He also served as Chief
 Operating Officer of, and led company's first outsourcing deal
 with in 2000.  At Revolution Living, Foster will bring his
 substantial financial and deal-making experience to work in both seeking out
 new acquisitions, and in helping Crooke oversee business operations at
 Revolution Living companies.
     "There are a lot of private equity firms, but there is only one
 Revolution," Foster said.  "Revolution's approach to building lasting
 businesses is unique, and their ability to attract talent and shine a
 spotlight on emerging businesses is in a league of its own.  I look forward to
 working with Steve, Michael and the team Revolution is assembling to build
 Revolution Living."
     Revolution Living
     Revolution Living was established in July 2005 to inspire people to live
 more balanced and responsible lives.  One of three business groups in the
 Revolution LLC family of companies, Revolution Living includes Miraval: Life
 in Balance, the leading "mind, body, spirit," destination resort in the United
 States; LIME, a multi-platform channel that provides programming related to
 healthier lifestyles, nutrition, and a healthier planet; and Flexcar,
 America's leading car sharing service, with one of the nation's largest
 privately-held fleets of hybrid cars.  In addition, Revolution Living has a
 minority interest in Gaiam, the lifestyle media company that caters to people
 who value personal development, natural health, and inspirational
 entertainment.  Revolution Living's strategy is to create products and
 services that are of the highest quality, promote social responsibility,
 advance environmental sustainability, and yield exceptional financial returns.
     Revolution, LLC
     Revolution, a Washington, DC-based operating and investment company
 launched by Steve Case in April 2005, seeks to drive transformative change by
 shifting power to consumers and building significant, category-defining
 companies in the process.  Revolution's aim is to give people more choice,
 control and convenience in three market sectors poised for disruptive
 change -- Health, Living, and Resorts.  The 13 separate acquisitions made by
 Revolution are organized into three groups: Revolution Health Group,
 Revolution Living, and Revolution Resorts.
                                  Biography of
                               Michael W. Crooke,
                             CEO, Revolution Living
     Michael Crooke became the first CEO of Revolution Living in January, 2006.
 Revolution Living is comprised of a group of companies working to change the
 way consumers and brands interact.  The current portfolio -- Miraval, Lime,
 and Flexcar, as well as a minority interest in Gaiam -- will be combined with
 future acquisitions to inspire consumers to think outside of the conventional
 business paradigm.  Revolution Living believes that business can be an
 important component in a move towards a more sustainable relationship between
 consumers and the earth -- and in so doing, those businesses can also help
 consumers lead healthier, more balanced lives.
     Previously, Crooke recently served as President and Chief Executive
 Officer of Patagonia, Inc., and Patagonia's parent company, Lost Arrow
 Corporation.  He succeeded Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia's founder, in taking the
 Lost Arrow post.  Patagonia, a designer and distributor of technical outdoor
 clothing, is widely known for its commitment to product quality and
 environmental responsibility.
     Prior to his arrival at Patagonia in October 1999, Michael served as
 CEO/Chairman of Pearl Izumi, the premier manufacturer of cycling and
 performance apparel based in Colorado.  In addition, he was Managing Director
 of legendry backpack innovator Kelty Packs for several years and has also
 worked in senior leadership roles with other outdoor companies, including
 Yakima and Moonstone Mountaineering.
     Michael served five years on the Board of Directors of the Conservation
 Alliance, the outdoor industry's environmental grant-giving organization,
 including one year as Board President.  He currently is a director of the
 following non-profit boards: Santa Barbara Channel Keepers, founded by Robert
 Kennedy; Earth Day Network, founded by Denis Hayes, the co-originator of Earth
 Day; and 1% for the Planet, founded by Mr. Chouinard.  He continues as a
 Director at Patagonia, Inc.
     Crooke has a B.S. degree in Forestry, and an MBA, from Humboldt State
 University.  He has been working the last four years on a PhD at the Claremont
 Graduate University; Crooke's dissertation is researching how strong core
 values at an organization affect job satisfaction.  Early in his life, Crooke
 served as a Navy SEAL with Underwater Team 12 (UDT12) for four years, after
 successfully graduating from BUDS training (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL)
 in the 70's.
     Michael has been married for 19 years to Amy Dozier and has two children,
 Kino (14) and Kyle (8).  His home is in Ojai, California.

SOURCE Revolution, LLC