PathScale and ParTec Team to Deliver Ultra High Performance Linux Cluster Communications and Management Solutions

- ParTec's ParaStation4(TM) Linux(R) Cluster Management Middleware Now

Optimized for PathScale's Low Latency InfiniPath(TM) InfiniBand Cluster

Interconnect -

Jun 16, 2005, 01:00 ET from PathScale

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and MUNICH, Germany, June 16 /PRNewswire/ --
 PathScale, developer of innovative software and hardware solutions to
 accelerate the performance and efficiency of Linux(R) clusters, and ParTec,
 developer of Linux Cluster performance management solutions, have announced a
 technology partnership that will enable HPC users to further enhance the speed
 and performance of commodity-priced AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based Linux
 clusters.  PathScale's new InfiniPath(TM) InfiniBand cluster interconnect is
 being integrated with and optimized for operation with ParTec's
 ParaStation4(TM), a robust and efficient cluster middleware solution that
 consists of high-performance communication tools and a sophisticated software
 management layer.
     The seamless interoperability of these two leading technologies will be
 demonstrated at the International Supercomputer Conference on 22 June through
 24 June in Heidelberg, Germany.  PathScale is located in Booth B-03.  The
 ParTec Cluster Competence Center is located in Booth I-01.
     PathScale's InfiniPath HTX(TM) Adapter is the industry's lowest-latency
 Linux cluster interconnect for message passing (MPI) applications.  InfiniPath
 plugs into standard HyperTransport technology-based HTX slots on AMD
 Opteron(TM) processor-based servers.  Optimized for communications-sensitive
 applications, InfiniPath has posted an all time record-low MPI latency of
 1.32 microseconds and a peak unidirectional bandwidth of 952 MB/s, with half
 of this peak bandwidth achieved at a message size of 385 bytes (streaming).
 For applications that rely on IP traffic, InfiniPath achieves TCP/IP
 throughput of 583 MB/s with a one-way latency of only 6.7 microseconds.
     "The new PathScale InfiniPath interconnect is setting new standards for
 high-performance Linux cluster communications," said Hugo R. Falter, COO of
 ParTec.  "Its strength in multi-CPU, multi-core systems means that global
 organizations searching for faster, more reliable, more cost effective HPC
 systems will deploy it in large or very large clusters where the capabilities
 of ParaStation4 will be critical."
     ParTec's ParaStation4 is a highly-sophisticated and reliable management
 and communication middleware solution for high performance Linux clusters.
 The optimized network communication of ParaStation4 increases the performance
 of distributed applications, ensures rapid cluster deployment and increases
 stability throughout the entire lifetime of the cluster.
     "The partnership between PathScale and ParTec furthers our mission to make
 high performance Linux clusters ubiquitous," said Art Goldberg, COO of
 PathScale.  "By tightly coupling the high performance software stack for
 InfiniPath with ParaStation4, organizations deploying large Linux clusters
 will get their systems up and running more quickly and will be able to manage
 them more effectively."
     ParaStation4 is available from ParTec Cluster Competence Center GmbH in
 Munich, Germany, as described at
     The InfiniPath HTX Adapter card is orderable immediately from systems
 vendors participating in the PathScale FastPath(TM) reseller program described
     About ParTec
     ParTec Cluster Competence Center GmbH of Munich, Germany, is the developer
 of ParaStation4(TM), a proprietary middleware software solution that supports
 reliable, stable, high-performance parallel environments for Linux clusters.
 ParTec provides vendor-independent consultancy and a sophisticated choice of
 products for Linux clusters, including state-of-the-art software tools for
 managing and monitoring cluster environments up to very large numbers of
 nodes.  ParTec's approach ensures rapid deployment and seamless
 interoperability of software components.  ParTec's technical experts have many
 years of experience in the development of Linux-based software to enable high
 productivity cluster and grid computing.  For more information, visit
     About PathScale
     Based in Mountain View, California, PathScale develops innovative software
 and hardware technologies that substantially increase the performance and
 efficiency of Linux clusters, the next significant wave in high-end computing.
 Applications that benefit from PathScale's technologies include seismic
 processing, complex physical modeling, EDA simulation, molecular modeling,
 biosciences, econometric modeling, computational chemistry, computational
 fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, weather modeling, resource
 optimization, decision support and data mining.  PathScale's investors include
 Adams Street Partners, Charles River Ventures, Enterprise Partners Venture
 Capital, CMEA Ventures, ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures and the Dow
 Employees Pension Plan.  For more details, visit; send email
 to or telephone 1-650-934-8100.
     Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.  HyperTransport and HTX
 are licensed trademarks of the HyperTransport Technology Consortium.  AMD and
 Opteron are trademarks of AMD.  InfiniBand is a registered trademark of the
 InfiniBand Trade Association.  ParaStation4(TM) is a trademark of ParTec
 Cluster Competence Center GmbH.  PathScale, the PathScale logo and InfiniPath
 are trademarks of PathScale, Inc.  All other product names mentioned are
 trademarks of their respective owners.

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