PC Magazine & ExtremeTech.com Launch Technology Book Series

ExtremeTech's 'Hacking TiVo(R)' Debuts as a Bestseller on Amazon.com

Nov 13, 2003, 00:00 ET from Ziff Davis Media Inc.

    NEW YORK, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Extending the leadership
 position of two of its signature print and online brands for technology
 influencers and hardcore enthusiasts, Ziff Davis Media announced today the
 launch of a series of technology-related books.  Ziff Davis joined with
 John Wiley & Sons to produce a book series under the PC Magazine and
 ExtremeTech.com brand names.  Titles will be available at book retailers
 nationwide and online at leading websites like Amazon.com.
     The consumer-related technology books are hands-on guides providing
 product reviews, analysis and tips and tricks.  The titles include commentary
 and analysis from many of the trusted and award-winning editors from PC
 Magazine, PCMag.com and ExtremeTech.com including:  Michael J. Miller,
 Editor-in-Chief; and contributing Editors Jan Ozer, Les Freed and Don
     "PC Magazine and ExtremeTech.com provide technology influencers and hard
 core technologists with timely product reviews and trend analysis through our
 print and online mediums," said Tim Castelli, senior vice president, PC
 Magazine Group.  "We're excited to be working with John Wiley, a leading book
 publisher, to distribute the depth and breadth of our content to an even wider
     "PC Magazine's Technology Almanac 2004" and "ExtremeTech.com's Hacking
 TiVo" are the first two of eight books in the series to debut.
 ExtremeTech.com's "Hacking TiVo" has already proven popular with hardcore
 technology enthusiasts, debuting number one on Amazon.com's computer and
 Internet bestseller list.
     ExtremeTech.com's "Hacking TiVo" (October 2003) is the ultimate guide to
 upgrading, expanding and enhancing TiVo.  The book guides readers through the
 steps needed to do everything from increasing the storage capacity of their
 TiVos to connecting them to the Internet.
     The "PC Magazine Technology Almanac 2004" (October 24, 2003) provides
 technology influencers with a daily guide to computers, technology and the
 Internet.  The Almanac is packed with 52 weeks of technology trivia; dynamite
 downloads, and product reviews. Informative articles will cover a range of
 topics including:  desktops, notebooks, mobile technology, handhelds and much
 more.  The Almanac also features PC Magazine Tips, highlights from PC
 Magazine's Editor's Choice awards, Daily Downloads and more.
     The series of books will be published and distributed throughout 2003 and
 2004.  They include:
     PC Magazine
     PC Magazine "Guide to Digital Video" (December 17, 2003) is loaded with
 authoritative advice and instruction for the novice to the expert.  The
 400-page guide will help readers perfect their skills as digital video
 photographers and editors.
     PC Magazine "Best of the Internet" (January 2004) is a one-stop guide to
 more than 1,000 of the best sites the Web has to offer in a wide variety of
 categories including: research, communications, shopping, careers, lifestyles
 and many more.
     PC Magazine "Guide to Home Networking" (Winter 2004) is the hands-on guide
 to choosing, building and using a home network. PC Magazine experts guide
 users through the complex world of home networking; providing simple
 easy-to-use steps and tips.
     "PC Toys: Cool Projects for Home, Office and Entertainment," (November 21,
 2003).  The 370-page book will provide readers with hands-on instruction
 enabling influencers to transform their routine PC into a cool, high-tech
 device.  Topics discussed include: building an MP3 player or CD jukebox,
 creating your own weather station or home surveillance system.
     "Kickin' Bot: An Illustrated Guide to Building Combat Robots,"
 (December 8, 2003).  Packed with easy to follow diagrams and illustrations,
 "Kickin' Bot" enables readers to get to work right away, and build their own
 fighting robot quickly and easily.
     "Mac Toys: 12 Cool Projects for Home, Business and Entertainment,"
 (March 8, 2004).  The book will guide Mac enthusiasts through the building of
 12 dynamic projects that use standard Macs plus a variety of hardware and
 software additions, some off-the-shelf and some custom-built.
     "Project Arcade: Build Your Own Arcade Machine," (May 17, 2004).  "Project
 Arcade" guides readers through several projects, with a focus on building a
 complete arcade cabinet.  The book, which includes the necessary software,
 walks readers through the complete construction of their very own video arcade
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