Pearle Vision Launches Line of Lenses that are Ultimate in Advanced Technology

Lenses Are Thinnest, Lightest and Safest Available.

Mar 13, 2000, 00:00 ET from Pearle Vision

    CLEVELAND, March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- For the nearly 163 million Americans
 who require corrective eyewear, the ultimate in advanced lens technology is
 now available at Pearle Vision locations nationwide. Pearle Vision has
 introduced an exclusive line of MicroTHINS(TM) lenses, which are among the
 thinnest, lightest, most scratch- and impact-resistant lenses on the market
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     MicroTHINS lenses are made of polycarbonate, which can be up to ten times
 more impact resistant than ordinary plastic lenses, making them the safest
 lenses available.  Originally developed for the aerospace industry,
 polycarbonate can be found in Space Shuttles, in professional football
 players' sports helmets and faceshields, and in bulletproof windows.
     "Pearle Vision chose this revolutionary line of MicroTHINS lenses because
 it includes the best quality, best performing lenses available," Lauren
 Arnold, Spectacle Lens Product Manager for Pearle Vision, said.  "In addition
 to being thinner, lighter, flatter and more scratch resistant, the MicroTHINS
 line of lenses is the safest we can provide for our customers."
     In a clinical study on the shatter resistance of eyeglasses, polycarbonate
 was rated as the lens of choice over traditional plastic or glass lenses.
 Researchers fired projectiles including air gun pellets and baseballs, at
 several lenses that met national standards for shatter resistance.  The
 results demonstrated that only polycarbonate lenses could withstand the
     "This kind of study is significant because it clearly illustrates that
 when eyeglasses shatter, severe eye injury can occur," Arnold said.   "Parents
 especially need to be aware of these dangers because a large number of
 children's lenses are still being dispensed in plastic, which can shatter,
 potentially causing long-term eye injury."
     Two of the MicroTHINS line of lenses have an aspheric lens design.  This
 breakthrough design allows the lenses to provide better peripheral vision, and
 a wider optical center for a larger viewing zone.  In high-powered
 prescriptions eye magnification and minification is reduced for a more natural
 look, Arnold added.
     "Today's eyewear consumers are a savvy bunch.  They want the best in
 optical performance coupled with abrasion, scratch and impact resistance,"
 Arnold said.  "They want thinner, lighter lenses with anti-reflective coating.
 The new MicroTHINS lenses meet their needs by providing comfort, enhanced
 appearance, and protection all in one lens."
     For added safety, MicroTHINS feature built-in ultraviolet (UV) protection
 that blocks 99.9 percent of UV rays.  In addition, the lenses are also
 available with an anti-reflective coating, virtually eliminating reflections
 and glare.
     Through May 7, 2000 consumers can log on to and
 register to win a free pair of MicroTHINS lenses.
     About Pearle Vision
     To locate the Pearle Vision store nearest you, visit
 or call 1-800-YES-EYES.  Founded in 1961 by Dr. Stanley C. Pearle, Pearle
 Vision is one of the nation's leading optical retailers with more than 800
 stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.  Pearle Vision is a subsidiary of
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