Pearle Vision Provides Safety Tips for Watching Wednesday's Solar Eclipse

Aug 10, 1999, 01:00 ET from Pearle Vision

    CLEVELAND, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Pearle Vision announced today that
 people who are planning to watch Wednesday's solar eclipse should make sure to
 protect their eyes.  The partial eclipse, which will be visible in the United
 States in states north of North Carolina and east of Ohio, can still
 potentially damage viewers' eyes.
     "If you were to look directly at the eclipse with your naked eye or even
 with sunglasses, you could burn your eye's retina and cause damage," Dr. Paul
 V. Hamel Pearle Vision licensed optometrist said.  "The amount of damage, and
 whether it was temporary or permanent, would depend on the degree of
     Pearle Vision recommends that in order to safely view the eclipse, one
 must use an image-projection device, such as a pinhole projector, which can be
 made at home, or by wearing a special solar viewing filter which protects the
     "If you have glasses constructed especially for solar observation or if
 you have access to welder's glass in shade number 14, you can safely view the
 eclipse," Dr. Hamel said.  "Without these solar viewing filters, you are at
     Dr. Paul V. Hamel is a licensed doctor of optometry affiliated with the
 Northgate Shopping Center Pearle Vision in Revere, Mass.  He can be reached at
 781-289-5900 for additional comments on Pearle Vision's safety guidelines for
 viewing Wednesday's solar eclipse.

SOURCE Pearle Vision