Pegasus and Evertrust Announce the First Tiered CAS Solution for Disk and Optical in the Archive and Compliance Markets

Security Requirements, Privacy Laws, and Compliance Regulations Can Now Be

Addressed in a Tiered Storage Environment Including Online and Offline Media

Sep 12, 2005, 01:00 ET from Evertrust

    SAN RAMON, Calif., and MONTREAL, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Evertrust(R), a
 developer of storage software to meet compliance and security regulations, and
 Pegasus(R), a leading software company specializing in archive management
 solutions for Optical, CD and DVD devices, announced a partnership to deliver
 a storage solution for long term retention, management, protection and
 disposition of fixed content/reference information.  The product,
 InveStoreACE, will be marketed through Pegasuschannels and will address the
 requirements of major compliance regulations -- in particular security and
 privacy laws (SEC 17 a-4, HIPAA, Canadian and European data privacy
 regulations, California SB 1386, etc.).
      Pegasus' storage management software, InveStore, has over 13,000
 customers and is sold through major OEMs, ISV developers and integrators, who
 incorporate it into document imaging, information and lifecycle management
 solutions primarily in the financial and healthcare markets.  Pegasus will now
 offer Evertrust's Assureon capabilities to its customers through a
 non-disruptive simple upgrade to InveStore.  Evertrust's Assureon software is
 marketed through a series of OEM relationships in the storage industry.
     "Optical has long been the media for compliance archiving.  Products such
 as EMC Centera have raised the bar in the archiving market by offering more
 features on a disk-based platform, and now InveStoreACE will raise it even
 higher.  ACE offers integration with disk either as an integrated online cache
 or with external storage arrays, encryption of data at rest for both online or
 offline media, disposition at the file level regardless of where the media is
 stored, along with internal auditing capabilities to meet multiple compliance
 regulations," according to Roy Slicker, CEO and President of Pegasus.
 "Integrating Evertrust's Assureon technology with InveStore provides our
 clients with the most secure and comprehensive solution to meet their long
 term archiving needs."
     "Our goal was to develop a simple, transparent integrated solution.
 Because InveStore provides transparent file system access to its customers,
 integrating Assureon at that point makes implementation very straight forward.
 Customers of InveStore don't do anything differently," said Thomas Gosnell,
 CEO and President of Evertrust.  "The combined solution, InveStoreACE will
 reside on an appliance with internal disk for caching, retention policies
 (retention date, encryption, etc.) will be set up by an administrator, and
 files are written to both internal disk and optical media.  Based on policies
 set, the files will be eliminated from the cache, but remain on optical
 storage till the end of the retention period."
     Assureon uses a combination of cryptographic processes to ensure the
 security of a company's archived files.  Dual cryptographic hashing algorithms
 (SHA-1 and MD5) guarantees that files have not been changed, digital time
 stamping of the file's metadata protects the authenticity of the file (when
 was it created) and AES-256 encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) protects
 the information against hackers or lose of offline media.  "In today's world,
 WORM (Write Once Read Many) media alone is not enough to safeguard a company's
 information, meet good corporate governance practices or address compliance
 regulations," said Slicker.
     InveStoreACE provides unique capabilities to optical library uses.  A
 traditional drawback of offline media storage is the inability to selectively
 delete files at the end of their retention period.  In order to delete a file,
 the entire optical disk or tape needs to be destroyed.  Because InveStoreACE
 offers AES encryption, every encrypted file has a unique encryption key.  At
 the end of a file's retention period, all copies of the file, regardless of
 location, can be destroyed by crypto-shredding.  InveStoreACE will scrub the
 file if it is on disk and also scrubs the file's unique encryption key,
 rendering the file virtually destroyed.
     InveStoreACE supports every major optical library (Plasmon, Hewlett
 Packard, Sony, IBM, ASACA, DISC etc.) and through Pegasus' relationship with
 Symantec/Veritas, support will be available for Enterprise Vault and NetBackup
 for critical archive and compliance information.
     InveStoreACE will ship within 30 days and be available through Pegasus'
 authorized resellers.
     About Pegasus Disk Technologies, Inc.
     Pegasus Disk Technologies, Inc., headquartered in San Ramon, CA develops
 archive management software for Optical, CD and DVD devices from leading
 manufacturers.  Founded in 1988, Pegasus has developed long-term strategic
 partnerships with leading developer ISVs and OEMs that use its products to
 manage storage devices within their applications.  Pegasus is located at 2333
 San Ramon Valley Blvd., San Ramon, California, 94583 and can be reached by
 phone at (925) 314-1800, by fax at (925) 314-1801 or on the World Wide Web at
     About Evertrust
     Evertrust, headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in Northern
 California and Denver, was founded to research and develop technology for the
 authentication, secure management, encryption and disposition of digital
 assets for long-term storage.  Enterprises are now meeting government
 compliance regulations, corporate governance standards and privacy laws for
 record retention with Evertrust solutions.  Evertrust is a wholly owned
 subsidiary of Nexsan Technologies.  For more information please contact
 Evertrust at (925) 284-4303 or visit our Web site at
     Pegasus, InveStore, and InveStoreACE are trademarks of Pegasus Disk
 Technologies.  Evertrust and Assureon are trademarks of Evertrust.  All other
 brand and product names are, or may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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