Penguin Computing Offers New Line of Relion Linux Servers With Powerful New Dual-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processors, Increasing Efficiency and Compute Capabilities for HPC and Enterprise

May 23, 2006, 01:00 ET from Penguin Computing, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Penguin Computing today announced
 its new Relion 1600 and 2600 servers offering the option of up to two of
 Intel's new Dual-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor 5000 per server and
 featuring the latest Intel server technologies for significantly improved
 performance. The new Relion servers will give Linux high performance
 computing (HPC) customers with CPU-intensive code performance up to twice
 the speed as previous designs within the same power and space parameters.
 These 1U and 2U servers also offer enterprises a considerable improvement
 in operating costs, thanks to cooler, more economical performance, and
 greater workload capacity with dynamic, instantaneous CPU performance
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     "We are committed to providing the latest technologies that deliver
 continuous improvement in efficiency and power, as soon as they are
 available and these new Relion servers enable customers to get more out of
 their investment than ever before," said John Gallego, vice president of
 servers and operations of Penguin Computing. "When our customers are
 increasingly under pressure to do more for less, server technology that
 enhances performance without taxing their AC can significantly impact the
 bottom line, lowering the overall cost per unit of rack space. What's more,
 because this line of servers is from Penguin, the new Relions come with the
 assurance that they have been pre-tested and pre-staged under factory
 conditions by Linux experts."
     "We are pleased that Premier Provider, Penguin Computing, is
 incorporating the new Dual-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors into its Relion
 servers to address the needs of the high-performance computing and
 enterprise markets," said Sophia Chew, vice president of Intel's Reseller
 Channel Operations. "The new Relion servers will enable customers to
 harness the power of the latest Dual-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors and
 technologies to drive computing efficiency to even greater heights."
     The Relion severs are ideal for a variety of uses due to their
 flexibility, affordability and scalability combined with a new ability to
 handle even heavier workloads more efficiently and support larger numbers
 of users without compromising performance. The new Dual-Core Intel(R)
 Xeon(R) processors allow Penguin's Relion servers to take advantage of
 Intel(R) Demand Based Switching and SpeedStep technologies. These
 innovative technologies provide dynamic, instantaneous CPU performance
 scaling based on application workload. They also enable automatic switching
 from full dual-core dual CPU utilization when needed, to bare minimum
 system power consumption when idle, for cooler, more economical
 performance. In addition, New Intel(R) Virtualization Technology enhances
 the capabilities and stability of software virtualization technologies,
 which enables greater server utilization as well as power and space saving
 through efficient server consolidation. With these Intel(R) technologies,
 the new Relion servers deliver enhanced performance and can handle even the
 most demanding enterprise applications.
     Penguin's 1U Relion 1600 and 2U Relion 2600 servers feature SATA, SCSI
 and SAS storage options to suit a variety of storage needs, expansion slots
 for PCI Express serial input/output technology, to accommodate
 high-performance cluster fabrics and enterprise-class storage adapters, and
 optional PCI-X slots, for legacy expansion cards. Both Relion product
 families offer the latest memory technology, up to 32GB of fully buffered
 dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs), for lower latency and higher
 throughput and error correction features to ensure reliable operation and
 data integrity at full bus speeds. In addition, they provide 4MB of level 2
 cache memory and two dual-independent front side buses for data transfer.
     The new 64-bit Relion servers include integrated support for IPMI 2.0,
 for secure remote management, eliminating the need for external management
 devices and reducing costs for initial and on-going server administration.
 They also offer optional hot-swap capability for hard drive replacement
 while the system remains in operation. The Relion 1600 and 2600 servers
 feature also optional redundant power supply capability to ensure reliable
 24/7 duty cycle. All Relion servers support Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux
 operating systems.
     About Penguin Computing
     Penguin Computing is the leader in Cluster Virtualization, delivering
 virtualized cluster systems driven by Scyld ClusterWare(TM) its unique
 Linux software, which makes large pools of Linux servers appear and act
 like a single virtual system. Through a single point of command/control,
 thousands of systems can be managed as if they were a single, consistent,
 virtual system, dramatically simplifying deployment and management and
 significantly improving server performance and data center resource
 utilization. Focused on the high performance computing, enterprise
 consolidation and web hosting markets, the company has an extensive
 customer base including Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and
 educational institutions. Founded in 1998, Penguin Computing is
 headquartered in San Francisco, California. To learn more about High
 Performance Computing Linux and Web Clustering, please visit Penguin
 Computing at
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                    Technical Specifications Relion Servers
                           Relion 1600(R)                Relion 2600(R)
     Form factor       1U rackmount                  2U rackmount
     Processors        Up to two Intel Xeon          Up to two Intel Xeon
                       5000/5100 series dual-        5000/5100 series dual-
                       core 64-bit processors        core 64-bit processors
     Bus speed         Front Side Bus at             Front Side Bus at
                       667/1066/1333MHz              667/1066/1333MHz
     Cache             4MB level 2 cache             4MB level 2 cache
     Chipset           Intel 5000P/ESB2              Intel 5000P/ESB2
     Memory            Up to 32GB, Fully             Up to 32GB, Fully
                       Buffered DIMMs, 667MHz        Buffered DIMMs, 667MHz
     Expansion Slots   PCI-E x16 (8 lanes, std       PCI-E x16 (4 lanes, std
                       size)                         size)
                       PCI-E x8 (low profile)        PCI-E x8 (4 lanes, std
                       Optional PCI-X 64bit/100MHz   size)
                       slot, replaces PCI-E x16      PCI-E x4 (std size)
                       slot                          2 x PCI-E x8 (4 lanes,
                                                     low profile)
                                                     PCI-X 64bit/100MHz (std
     Internal hard     1600SA: 4 hot swap drive      2600SA: 6 hot swap drive
     drives            bays for 3.5" SATA drives,    bays for 3.5" SATA
                       optional RAID                 drives, optional RAID
                       1600SC: 4 hot swap drive      2600SC: 6 hot swap drive
                       bays for 3.5" Ultra SCSI-320  bays for 3.5" Ultra
                       drives, optional RAID         SCSI-320 drives,
                       1600SS: 4 hot swap drive      optional RAID
                       bays for 3.5" SAS drives,     2600SS: 6 hot swap drive
                       optional RAID                 bays for 3.5" SAS drives,
                       1600SX: 6 hot swap drive      optional RAID
                       bays for 2.5" SAS drives,     2600SX: 12 hot swap drive
                       optional RAID                 bays for 2.5" SAS
                                                     drives, optional RAID
     Optical drives    Internal CD-ROM/DVD drive     Internal CD-ROM/DVD drive
     Network           Integrated 2 x Intel          Integrated 2 x Intel
     Interfaces        10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet,     10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet,
                       Dedicated 10/100Mbps          Dedicated 10/100Mbps
                       management NIC                management NIC
     Ports             Front panel:                  Front panel:
                       2 x USB 2.0, VGA              2 x USB 2.0, VGA
                       Rear panel: 2 x USB 2.0,      Rear panel: 2 x USB 2.0,
                       PS2 keyboard and mouse,       PS2 keyboard and mouse,
                       2 x LAN (RJ45), management    2 x LAN (RJ45),
                       LAN (RJ45), serial port, VGA, management LAN (RJ45),
                       external SAS/SCSI             serial port, VGA,
                                                     external SAS/SCSI
     Management        IPMI 2.0 management processor IPMI 2.0 management
                       with dedicated management     processor with dedicated
                       NIC, remote power control,    management NIC,
                       server health monitoring and  remote power control,
                       console-over-IP. Optional     server health monitoring
                       KVM-over-IP feature.          and console-over-IP.
                       Optional Scyld(R)             Optional KVM-over-IP
                       ControlCenter(R) remote       feature. Optional
                       management tool.              Scyld(R) ControlCenter(R)
                                                     remote management tool.
     Dimensions        1.70" H x 16.93" W            3.44" H x 16.93" W
                       x 27.38" D                    x 27.38" D
     Power Supply      Standard: 600W                Standard: 600W
                       Redundant: 2 x 650W           Redundant: 2 x 700W
     Operating System  Red Hat Enterprise Linux,     Red Hat Enterprise Linux,
     Support           Suse Linux Enterprise Server  Suse Linux Enterprise
     Warranty          Standard 3-year warranty      Standard 3-year warranty
                       included with every Penguin   included with every
                       Computing server              Penguin Computing server
     Penguin Computing and Relion(R) are registered trademarks of Penguin
 Computing, Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Intel
 and Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or
 its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Other names are
 for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective

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