Pepsi Turns Over Its Can Design to ... You

Promotion Winner to Join the All-American Rejects, Big & Rich and Pharrell

Williams as Pepsi Can Designers

Enter at

Apr 04, 2007, 01:00 ET from Pepsi-Cola Company

    PURCHASE, N.Y., April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Pepsi, one of the world's most
 recognizable brands, will allow a consumer to design the look of one of its
 cans for the first time in history in the "Design Our Pepsi Can" promotion.
 The person who comes up with the winning design will have their artwork
 featured on 500 million Pepsi cans across the country and take home a
 $10,000 prize.
     Beginning this week, consumers may enter the Design Our Pepsi Can
 promotion by going to Once registered,
 participants will have the option of using their own design programs or the
 tools available on the site to bring their ideas to life. The top designs,
 as determined by a panel at Pepsi, will be posted on
 where consumers will vote for the winner.
     Some of the world's top musicians are also showcasing their artistic
 talent on the Pepsi can. The All-American Rejects, Big & Rich and Pharrell
 Williams have each created unique designs for the Pepsi can that will be in
 market in the upcoming months. The three special cans will feature a Web
 site address that will take fans to exclusive footage of the artists and
 will offer information on their new projects.
     "Pepsi called and said they wanted us to design our own can, pretty
 sweet," said The All-American Rejects. "We finally saw it the other day and
 it looks AMAZING! We can't even believe that our design is gonna be on over
 500 million of 'em!"
     "Our very own Pepsi can will be seen around the country and turned up
 high by millions in the coming months," said Big & Rich. "When Pepsi
 presented this opportunity to us, we thought it would be a great way to
 share our love of music with everyone while they're enjoying a Pepsi."
     "I was intrigued by this opportunity because it allowed me to be
 creative and innovative, which is something that I try to infuse in all of
 my endeavors," added Pharrell Williams.
     These designs are a part of Pepsi's global brand restyle. The iconic
 Pepsi globe logo and name lettering remain the same -- just like Pepsi's
 great taste -- but the background graphics change every few weeks. In its
 109-year existence, Pepsi-Cola's look has changed just 10 times, but this
 year alone, it will change more than 35 times.
     About Pepsi-Cola North America
     Purchase, N.Y.-based Pepsi-Cola North America ( is
 the refreshment beverage unit of PepsiCo, Inc., in the United States and
 Canada. Its U.S. brands include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Jazz, Pepsi ONE, Wild
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SOURCE Pepsi-Cola Company