Perennial Retools Government Practice

Oct 05, 2006, 01:00 ET from Perennial Strategy Group

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Washington, D.C. government
 relations firm Perennial Strategy Group is retooling in an effort to return
 to its roots.
     "Our idea has always been to do government relations and grassroots
 work, and we have done a good deal of it. But throughout the years we have
 gotten away from that, taking on other types of consulting projects," said
 Lamell McMorris, Perennial's Founding Principal and CEO. "Though the
 business has been good, we're interested in becoming a more focused,
 streamlined organization."
     The company is refocusing and retooling company resources, making staff
 changes and putting major efforts toward its current government relations
 and grassroots advocacy contracts, and to obtaining new ones.
     "In a lot of ways, we're going back to the basics," McMorris said. "At
 four years old, it's important for a business to do this type of self-
 assessment. Really go back and look at our mission, our business plan, see
 what has evolved appropriately and what needs to be changed."
     Perennial Strategy Group is a bi-partisan government relations group
 established in 2002 by McMorris, a former executive from the non-profit and
 civil rights realm. Its leaders are former CEOs, Capitol Hill staff, and
 non- profit executives who advance their clients' appropriations and policy
 concerns in Congress and the Executive Branch. The firm has spawned two
 sister companies, Perennial Sports and Entertainment and Perennial Law
     Contact:  Laurie Rich
     Director of Communications
     Perennial Strategy Group

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