Perfect World Releases Fresh, New Online Update

Sep 07, 2007, 01:00 ET from Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd.

    BEIJING, Sept 7. /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Beijing Perfect World
 Technology Co., Ltd., announces today that an important update has been
 released for its Perfect World International Version on Sept. 5th, in which
 the new online-game contents include dynamic new instances such as "Shen
 Yue Gorge" and "Holy Land of Fu Shuang City."
     As the first online game exported to the overseas market by Beijing
 Perfect World Technology Co., Ltd., Perfect World International Version has
 not only performed well in several overseas markets, but has dominated the
 domestic market. It has gained the reputation as one of the best gamer-
 acclaimed online-games domestically by successfully increasing the number
 of players. With the business model of free games forever and by updating
 game content globally, the vast majority of gamers are able to access the
 new inter-game experience, which has been never heard of before.
     This update of Perfect World International Version offers dynamic new
 instances such as "Shen Yue Gorge" and "Holy Land of Fu Shuang City." These
 completely new instances will differentiate the risk-discovery pattern in
 the previous instances, overthrowing occupation combinations and vocational
 functions. In terms of this new offering, mages will be able to face the
 fierce and cruel bosses in the game and use their special skills in "Shen
 Yue Gorge" and "Holy Land Of Fu Shuang City." This brand-new setup has
 created another entertainment model.
     A number of new functions that come with this update, such as
 additional fire-new tools and a function where "wedding feast for wedding
 money" will be able to be used in the game's marriage system. With respect
 to this update of Perfect World International Version, Zhu Wi, the vice
 president of Beijing Perfect World, declared that this game was the first
 to be exported to overseas markets. After its release, it received broad
 acceptance both in the domestic and overseas market. Therefore, this update
 will affect both foreign and domestic gamers who have constantly supported
 this game. The Company's objective is to offer the best and most
 entertaining domestic online game for gamers around the world.
     Introduction of Beijing Perfect World Technology Co., Ltd.
     Beijing Perfect World Technology Co., Ltd, ( ) was founded in 2004, and was
 originally invested in by Mr. Chi Yufeng, the president of Human Software
 Corporation, a leading company in educational software enterprises in
 China, as well as other well-known people in Information Technology. The
 aim of the company is to develop world-class national online games with
 heart and soul, while striving to be China's leading online gaming
 development team and publicizing traditional Chinese culture to the world.
     The Company has an effective management team, outstanding
 techno-talents, wide markets and a rich marketing experience. Relying on
 precise and stable technical accumulation and deep international
 influences, the company commits itself to developing internationally
 competitive products and to leading Chinese interactive entertainment
 products to the world through extensive international cooperation.
     Perfect World ( )is a fantastic 3D online game
 presented by Beijing Perfect World Technology Co., Ltd. Starting from a
 traditional Chinese myth that Pangu built the sky, land and people, the
 game created a fantasy world and took players to times of old, with its
 epic backgrounds and grandiose story content.
     As a wholly homemade masterpiece, "Perfect World" covers many creative
 elements that are leading at home and abroad. The large and seamless map
 completely clears up regional limitations; flying status makes the 3D war
 in a real sense possible; while the function that lets large factions build
 cities by themselves allows players to have fun while creating a whole new
 world. The private home system enriches the communication between players.
 Allowing them to make their own armaments lets them possess unique weapons.
 Also, there are more systems available like individualized image setups,
 freely designed fashion systems and a buddy system. Some designs are very
 interesting: flying kites and fishing, for players who may want to relax;
 carriages and yachts, for those that want to kick back. All these features
 allow players to appreciate the magnificent scenery in "Perfect World."
     Introduction of "Wulin2"
     "Wulin2"is a 3D Q edition Wu Xia fantasy online game, which was
 developed by Beijing Perfect World in 2006. It created a brand-new "Online
 Comedy Game" entertainment style for gamers. The game story starts at the
 Tongfu hostel in the small town of Qixia, and then moves on to the world,
 which is full of peril. It brings the players to the unpredictable Wulin
 world where they can do what ever they like, while trying their best to
 become a hero.
     The story behind the game "Wulin2" is drawn from the famous modern
 comedy teleplay of the same name. In order to inherit "Perfect World's"
 consistent and precise game style, the game is created by an advanced 3D
 engine. It possesses the characteristics of a small-sized client server,
 with low computer hardware requirements and fancy images. Using the many
 wonderful characteristics of the "Wulin" teleplay, Beijing Perfect World
 initiated the "Online Comedy Game." It concentrates on a comfortable,
 humorous game style from the aspects of game background, tasks, systems and
 so on, and it always amuses the players through humorous dialogue and
     Introduction of "Zhu Xian"
     Beijing Perfect World will launch a large-scale fantasy,
 self-cultivating online game "Zhu Xian," which is based on the extremely
 popular novel that is dominating the top ten most popular novels of Baidu.
 Its unique fourth- generation MMPRPG system configuration will renovate the
 current Chinese online game market.
     "Zhu Xian Online" will inherit the fantasy elements of the novel,
 express China's beautiful scenery and truly let the player experience the
 full process of self-cultivation. This beyond-space-and-time "4D" online
 game has an abundant production system, complex mage equipment and a
 variety of regions. The game will have furious clan battles, and will allow
 the players to enter the mysterious underground. The game creates two
 unique ways of leveling up and self-cultivation, and will bring a totally
 different fantasy online game to you.

SOURCE Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd.