Permlight and OSRAM Aim to Stop Movie Piracy

* Permlight Enbryten Piracy LED system technology thwarts would be video


* OSRAM Thin Film Infrared LED behind the scenes

Mar 15, 2005, 00:00 ET from Permlight Products Inc.

    LAS VEGAS, ShoWest Tradeshow, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Permlight Products
 Inc. announced today at the opening of ShoWest, the cinema industry's largest
 gathering of Motion Picture professionals and Theatre Owners in the world,
 that it had together with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors introduced a new LED
 system for stopping movie piracy.
     The Permlight Products Enbryten Piracy line of Anti-Piracy products uses
 OSRAM's recently introduced thin film infrared power LED technology to
 transmit a safe, harmless and human invisible signal into movie audiences to
 wash out any silicon CCD based digital camcorders.  The line of proprietary
 and patent pending anti-piracy technology uses a randomly generated pulsing
 algorithm that powers up to one hundred OSRAM Infrared Dragon LEDs using the
 new thin film technology.  The Enbryten Piracy system does not affect infrared
 based video surveillance or hearing impaired audio systems.
     Estimates claim that the movie industry is losing $4 billion in lost
 revenues to piracy annually.  Piraters videotape new releases and then mass
 produce low cost DVDs which are sold on the black market.  The US Federal
 Government has now made it a felony to record copyright protected movies in
     "Technologies from digital projectors to watermarking have been pursued to
 track down the origins of pirated films," commented Manuel Lynch, President
 and CEO of Permlight Products.  "None of these systems renders video cameras
 useless nor can they compete with the cost effectiveness and simplicity of the
 Enbryten Piracy system.  Permlight's patented thermal management technology
 coupled together with the superior performance of OSRAM's thin film technology
 makes for a compelling proposition to cinema operators."
     The Enbryten Piracy system sells for between $1200-$5000, depending on the
 size of the screen.  Each system consists of multiple nodes which use their
 own randomly generated signal so that each and every system is unique and
 different making it impossible for piraters to thwart.  Coupled together with
 Permlight recommended installation techniques which range from shutting down
 projectors to sending warning messages to theaters managers in the event of
 tampering, a fault tolerant system can be established.
     "When I first saw this system I believed that it held potential to be
 nominated for a technical academy award," commented Karl Leahy, Marketing
 Manager of OSRAM's Infrared Technology.  "Permlight's use of OSRAM's Infrared
 thin film technology is truly innovative and novel and shows the vast
 potential of this Infrared Dragon technology."  Introduced in the fall of
 2004, OSRAM's large format infrared technology has potential applications
 ranging from traditional data transmission, golf club swing analysis to covert
 security monitoring applications.
     Permlight Products demonstration of the technology at ShoWest booth 427 at
 Ballys in Las Vegas comes in advance of the scheduled introduction in April
 2005.  The final product will include TIR lensing and Kinoform diffusers to
 create a vast array of different signal intensities and patterns.  The
 anti-piracy is a patent pending system.
     About Permlight Products Inc.
     Permlight Products is a leading developer and manufacturer of thermally
 managed LED lighting systems for signage, visual merchandising, safety
 lighting, refrigeration/ freezer retrofit products, educational lighting
 systems, and POP displays.  Founded in 1995, Permlight has the longest track
 record of supplying LED lighting systems that provide high brightness, low
 voltage, long lifetime, and low maintenance.  Using its enabling patented
 thermal management techniques for spreading and dissipating heat Permlight is
 well known for providing low cost solid state lighting systems.
     About OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
     OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a wholly owned subsidiary of OSRAM, one of
 the world's two leading lighting manufacturers.  It offers its customers
 solutions based on semiconductor technology for lighting, sensor and
 visualization applications.  The company employs more than 3,400 people
 worldwide and operates sites in Regensburg (Germany), San Jose (USA) and
 Penang (Malaysia).  Sales for the year ending September 2004 totaled EUR
 459 million, 11% of the total sales of OSRAM of EUR 4.2 billion.  For more
 information, visit
     For further information, please contact Manuel Lynch, President and CEO of
 Permlight Products Inc., +1-714-227-0556.

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