Pescatello of CURE Comments on Signing of CT Stem Cell Bill

Jun 15, 2005, 01:00 ET from CURE

    FARMINGTON, Conn., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- This afternoon Governor Jodi M.
 Rell of Connecticut signed into law legislation supporting embryonic stem cell
 research and earmarking $100 million in funding for such research.
     CURE (Connecticut United for Research Excellence), the state bioscience
 organization, was an important resource in researching and drafting the
 legislation and the catalyst that brought together the coalition that worked
 for its passage. Paul Pescatello, president and CEO of CURE, responded to the
 signing of the bill as follows:
     "This is a great day for Connecticut bioscience. Enactment of this
 legislation marks a significant step forward for those suffering from a host
 of diseases and conditions. It is also a further step toward attracting
 substantial investment and high-paying jobs to Connecticut.
     "With President Bush set to veto any expansion of federally funded
 embryonic stem cell research, it will be up to the states and to private
 investors to fund additional research in the area. By signing this bill into
 law, Governor Rell has catapulted Connecticut into the vanguard as a state
 that not only welcomes embryonic stem cell research but supports it
     "I'm proud to represent bioscience in a state where the Governor and
 legislators on both sides of the aisle are so willing to work together to do
 the right thing."