Pfizer Opens New Global Research and Development Headquarters In New London, Connecticut

Remediated Brownfield Is Center of World's Largest

Private Biomedical Research Enterprise for Disease Cures

New Headquarters for Company's 12,000 Researchers In 20 Countries

Catalyzes Revitalization of Historic American Port City

Jun 08, 2001, 01:00 ET from Pfizer Inc

    NEW LONDON, Conn., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Pfizer today opened new
 headquarters in New London, Connecticut for its research division, Pfizer
 Global Research and Development, the largest privately funded biomedical
 research enterprise in the world.  The 750,000 square-foot facility -- three
 six-story office buildings on a peninsula at the mouth of New London's Thames
 River and overlooking Long Island Sound -- is headquarters for the company's
 cutting-edge medical research programs involving more than 12,000 Pfizer
 researchers around the world.
     Today's ribbon cutting ceremony, with Pfizer officials, Connecticut
 Governor John G. Rowland, New London Mayor Ernest Hewitt, New London
 Development Corporation president Claire Gaudiani and others, also marked a
 historic reopening of the 22-acre "brownfield" peninsula.  Directly across the
 Thames River from the Pfizer Groton research laboratories, the site had been
 used for various industrial purposes in the past century, then abandoned.
     "The opening of this new site is an important milestone for Pfizer, New
 London, and the state, but moreover for patients, their families, and
 physicians worldwide," said John F. Niblack, Ph.D., vice chairman, Pfizer Inc,
 and president, Pfizer Global Research and Development.  "We have the world's
 best and brightest scientists, working in a time of unprecedented scientific
 opportunity.  These men and women are building on a proud tradition of
 discovery and development of important medical interventions to treat heart
 disease, depression, cholesterol regulation and infectious diseases to name
 just a few."  Dr. Niblack noted that a quarter of the world's blockbuster
 drugs were discovered and developed by Pfizer scientists.
     "Here at this site, we are setting the pace for pharmaceutical research
 and development in the 21st century, a period that promises to see cures of
 some of the world's most critical ills," he said.  "We intend to create more
 than our fair share of medical breakthroughs and the people working in this
 building in New London, Connecticut will play a major role in these
     "Pfizer's decision to create the largest in-state business expansion in
 Connecticut history is changing the landscape of New London and the economy of
 the region," said Governor John G. Rowland.  "Connecticut's emerging position
 as a global leader in biomedical research holds great significance for the
 state.  The headquarters facility is creating a critical mass of new jobs and
 new life changing drugs that will improve the quality of life for all of our
     Pfizer in 1998 announced that it would purchase and complete environmental
 remediation of the New London site to accommodate the company's growing R&D
 operations.  At the same time the company, city and state recognized the new
 headquarters' potential to catalyze revitalization of New London, a historic
 American city that had fallen into economic decline.
     The world-class $294 million Pfizer Research and Development Headquarters
 can house up to 2,100 highly skilled employees.  It additionally includes a
 child care facility; a cafeteria seating 550; a credit union and fitness
 center, parking garage for 1,790 cars, helipad, and ferry dock for employees
 commuting between Pfizer's Groton laboratories and the New London R&D
     As part of the 22-acre environmental remediation, Pfizer, working with
 non-profit and educational groups, has restored the estuary adjacent to the
 peninsula.  Once a repository for run-off from a neighboring scrap metal yard,
 the creek today is a viable habitat for aquatic wildlife.  Its restoration
 continues as a model for a public/private community educational program.
     "Four years ago it may have been hard to imagine that by now this
 peninsula would be a world center for some of the best and brightest minds in
 medicine to develop cures for diseases," said George M. Milne, Ph.D.,
 executive vice president, Pfizer Global Research and Development.  "Today it
 is headquarters to the world's strongest R&D pipeline of new medicines, a
 living environmental laboratory for our community, and a magnet for new
 businesses.  It is powerful example of the kind of innovation and productivity
 that diverse groups can achieve when they share a common vision, unwavering
 commitment and focus, and leverage each others' strengths."
     Pfizer Global Research and Development is the largest pharmaceutical
 Research and Development organization in the world, with approximately
 12,000 employees worldwide, 6 principal discovery sites, and 156 projects in
 development across 19 therapeutic areas.  Pfizer Inc discovers, develops,
 manufactures and markets leading prescription medicines for humans and
 animals, and many of the world's best-known consumer products.  Pfizer had
 global revenues of $29.6 billion in 2000.  Pfizer plans to make a research and
 development investment of approximately $5 billion in 2001.
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SOURCE Pfizer Inc