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Internet strategy consulting firm takes innovative approach to online real


Aug 10, 2007, 01:00 ET from FairWinds Partners

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- FairWinds Partners, an Internet
 strategy consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., has been hired
 as the exclusive broker for the sale of FairWinds' philosophy
 is to accept domain name placement projects exclusively when the name has
 substantial and clear commercial value. FairWinds uniquely assess
 qualitative and quantitative components of the name, raise awareness
 through consulting and advocacy, and then allow market forces to price the
 domain appropriately.
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     Industry experts' and FairWinds' valuations point to
 breaking the single sale record for online real estate. Other
 multimillion-dollar sales include,, and,
 but no names are nearly as applicable to commercial use as
 have ever come along. was recently acquired by R.H. Donnelly
 for a record $345 million, but with that investment came $15M EBITDA and a
 less intuitive Web address for "doing" business than
     Generic domain names enable market interaction through direct
 navigation, the practice where Internet users type the address of their
 anticipated destination directly into the browser's address bar. These
 users convert to online sales at a rate of 2 to 1 opposed to search engine
 users, highlighting the value of simple and straightforward domain names.
 While not all generic domain names are as ideal for e-commerce storefronts,
 Internet users who type in do so looking to make a purchase.
     "The owner of will have a competitive advantage to corner
 the online market for prescriptions, over the counter medications, personal
 care and hygiene products, and health and beauty products. The buyer may
 choose to focus on one or a combination of these markets," said Josh
 Bourne, co-Founder of FairWinds Partners.
     In 2007, the online retail world dealing in pharmaceuticals, health and
 beauty products stands to take in over $12 billion in sales. Because of its
 commercial relevance, is poised to become the industry leader
 or assist an established business with growing their online presence and
 market share.
     "We opted to pursue a private sale for this high value asset. is not an auction item, but the foundation for a $1 billion
 dollar standalone business or driving similar new volume to an existing
 one. It will provide great leverage for the buyer, presumptively one of the
 largest online or traditional retailers in the United States," stated Phil
 Lodico, co-Founder of FairWinds. "From Mark Cuban to Walgreen's, over 100
 potential buyers have been notified of the sale and how we are proceeding."
     FairWinds Partners, with an unconventional approach in a new age
 market, will help the future owner realize greater success online.
 According to Bourne, "in our domain placement practice, we view both the
 seller and buyer as a FairWinds client. Win-wins are crucial."
     FAIRWINDS PARTNERS is the leading authority in domain name and Web
 strategies, online trademark enforcement, and online traffic optimization.
 As a full service Internet strategy consulting firm, FairWinds Partners is
 comprised of proven experts with extensive experience advising the Global
 500, and other leading brand owners, on the implementation of best
 practices to achieve online business goals. Their thought-leadership and
 expertise have been recognized by Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders,
 and professional organizations worldwide. FairWinds Partners was founded,
 and is run by Josh Bourne and Phil Lodico. For more information, please
 visit or

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