Phil Condit, Chairman and CEO Of The Boeing Company Addresses Aviation Industry Leaders at Wings Club Monthly Luncheon

- Before Speech Condit Dedicates Boeing Business Center at The Wings Club -

Dec 20, 2001, 00:00 ET from The Wings Club

    NEW YORK, Dec. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Phil Condit, chairman and CEO of The
 Boeing Company, spoke yesterday at The Wings Club's Monthly Flyer Luncheon on
 the need for the aerospace industry to meet challenges in a very changed
 world.  Prior to speaking at the Luncheon, Mr. Condit dedicated The Boeing
 Business Center at The Wings Club.  The Center gives members access to
 business facilities while at the Club.
     Speaking at the Luncheon, Condit called for a new global aviation
 infrastructure, a new model that meets demands of market economies and air
 traffic growth, and a state-of-the-art airport and air traffic management
 system that ensures safety and security and provides for future growth.
 "The growth of air travel has put a strain on a civil air infrastructure that
 has evolved piecemeal over decades.  If we don't make significant changes, we
 will see the tremendous utility and safety of air travel decline," said
     On the state of the current air traffic management system, Condit said, "A
 satellite-based air space management system -- with global connectivity --
 offers better control of the world's air traffic.  Combined with information
 technology, air traffic management can be strategic and predictable."
     Stating that while technology is available to improve and provide an
 integrated, global system without the gaps and delays of the current system,
 September 11th has created an unprecedented urgency to provide security for
 passengers and the aviation system.  "Safe and secure access to the skies is
 first, but we are obliged to find better ways -- to remain vigilant and alert
 -- while saving valuable time."
     "Commercial aviation is at a turning point and a new civil aviation system
 and new yardsticks are needed."  This, Condit predicted, will grow air travel
 and make travel a more efficient, more seamless, positive experience for the
 1.5 billion people flying worldwide.
     The Wings Club was founded in 1942 in New York City as an organization for
 aviation professionals and enthusiasts to preserve the history and perpetuate
 the traditions of aviation while providing an important forum for discussion
 and debate on aeronautic and aviation issues.  For more information on The
 Wings Club call (212) 867-1770.
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SOURCE The Wings Club