Philips Electronics Introduces Three New Digital Cameras At PC Expo 1998

Philips ESP50 and ESP60 VGA Digital Cameras and Philips ESP80 Hi-Res Zoom

Digital Camera Offer High Level Digital Imaging for Home, Work and Away

Jun 16, 1998, 01:00 ET from Philips Electronics

    NEW YORK, PC Expo, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Strengthening its position in
 the Digital Camera marketplace, Philips Electronics announced today the
 introduction of three new Digital Cameras for both business and entertainment
 -- the Philips ESP50 and ESP60 VGA Digital Cameras and the Philips ESP80 High-
 Res Zoom Digital Camera.  The new models join the ESP2, Philips's first
 offering in the digital camera market, introduced in November 1997.  Philips
 new Digital Camera offerings will be on display at the Philips Electronics
 booth #4210 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center during PC Expo,
 June 16 - 18.
     Philips new Digital Camera models offer high levels of digital imaging,
 making them ideal for professional business presentation, advanced photo
 editing and private photo hobby use.  The Philips ESP50 and ESP60 VGA Digital
 Cameras feature removable SmartMedia cards for all storage modes.  The Philips
 ESP80 High-Res Zoom Digital Camera is the company's first advanced mega pixel
 Digital Camera (SXGA 1280x960 pixels), offering users a 3 position (3 times)
 optical zoom lens with synchronized flash.
     "These three new Digital Cameras strengthen Philips' innovative digital
 product portfolio and allow consumers worldwide to take greater advantage of
 Philips' strong global competencies in a wide range of digital imaging
 technologies," said Lisa Haley, Vice President and General Manager, New
 Business, Philips Consumer Electronics Company.  "As with Philips' ESP2
 Digital Camera, our new digital cameras will fit into Philips' unique systems-
 oriented approach that includes a family of compatible hardware, software, and
 accessories.  This approach leverages the value of Philips digital cameras as
 part of a total package of custom digital photography solutions for
 professional, business, leisure and educational activities."
     Philips new ESP Digital Cameras easily integrate with other Philips
 products in the company's expanding digital portfolio of technologies for
 capture, storage, manipulation, transmission and display of information.
 Images captured with the Philips ESP Digital Cameras can be transferred to PC
 or stored on Compact Disc and retrieved from Philips CD or DVD units.  They
 can also be displayed on Philips monitors, televisions, and LCD projectors,
 using connection cables included with the cameras, and manipulated and
 transmitted over E-mail using Philips Internet TV browser products.  The
 diversity of Philips' digital product portfolio provides customers with the
 widest range of integrated, user-friendly digital solutions for both home and
 business applications.
     Philips ESP50 and ESP60 VGA Digital Cameras
     New in the Philips ESP Digital Camera Series, the Philips ESP50 and ESP60
 VGA Digital Cameras will be available at retail stores in July at the
 suggested retail prices of $349 and $399, respectively.  Featuring an optical
 viewfinder and flash for a familiar point-and-shoot look and feel, both models
 deliver superb VGA picture quality in 24 bit vibrant colors in over 16 million
 shades.  Additionally, both cameras offer three different picture modes --
 fine, normal and economy.
     A key feature with the ESP50 and ESP60 is their SmartMedia card storage
 capabilities.  The ESP50 model comes with a standard 2 MB SmartMedia card that
 records up to 50 images, while the ESP60 model comes with a 4 MB removable
 SmartMedia card for recording up to 100 images.  Optional 4 MB and 8 MB cards
 are available for both models.  Each card is removable and may be replaced
 with new cards when memory is full.  Picture quality is delivered in all
 storage modes, with a picture recording speed of less than one second.
     Other key features of the Philips ESP50 and ESP60 VGA Digital Cameras
     *  Ease of Use, State of the Art, Imaging Software -- With easy-to-use
 Philips PhotoStudio Lite software developed in a PC and Mac compatible CD-ROM
 format, even inexperienced computer users can rotate, crop, or change the
 color depth of their pictures, make slide shows, and create postcards with the
 skill of a professional.
     *  LCD Screen with Brightness Control - Ultra-fast picture recording
 capabilities of less than one second allow for instant image review on the
 Quick Refresh 1.8" LCD screen.  Users can also use the LCD screen as a
 viewfinder as it tracks sudden action and fast moving sporting events with
     *  Quick and Easy PC Connection -- High transfer speeds allow high-
 resolution pictures to be quickly transferred into the PC using the PC cable
 connection.  With optional SmartMedia adapters for laptop or desktop PCs,
 users can use the SmartMedia card for easy and faster transfer of files.  The
 optional SmartMedia floppy disk drive adapter allows for use with any PC with
 a standard 3.5 inch floppy disk.  Pictures stored on the card are in the
 standard JPEG format, and most modem software packages will be able to read
 the images.
     *  Business Capabilities - Using a standard TV cable connection, users can
 present and review their pictures for business presentations almost anywhere
 in the world.  TV and LCD projector connection cables are included.  The slide
 show menu enables users to create three different slide shows based on the
 same files.
     Both models offer automatic date recording and advanced automatic power
 save mode, require 4 x 1.5V, type AA alkaline, NICAD or NiMH cell batteries,
 and come with an AC power adapter.  The ESP60 comes with a standard credit
 card-sized combined Camera/Television remote control that can be used for
 taking self-portraits and tripod-mounted night-time pictures, as well as
 controlling slide shows or business presentations.  The remote control is
 optional for the ESP50.
     Philips ESP80 Hi-Res Zoom Digital Camera
     Also joining the Philips ESP Digital Camera portfolio is the ESP80 Hi-Res
 Zoom Digital Camera, the company's first SXGA high-resolution camera,
 featuring 1.3 million pixels for an effective pixel matrix of 1280x960.  This
 model will be available at retail stores this fall at a suggested retail price
 of $799.
     The ESP80 offers outstanding mega pixel digital image quality, equal to
 four times VGA quality, and a rotating three times continuous optical zoom
 lens with synchronized flash, auto-focus, auto-exposure and auto-white balance
 that gives users quality images on the spot.  The ESP80 also offers the added
 convenience of annotating pictures with eight seconds of audio recording, and
 features an attractive lightweight pocket-size design for easy transport and
     The ESP80 offers SXGA and VGA image quality in all storage modes.  Using 4
 MB SmartMedia memory cards, users never need film again.  When memory is full,
 users simply put in another erasable 4 MB SmartMedia card, each with the
 capacity to store up to 23 images SXGA.  Optional 2 MB and 8 MB cards are
 available for this model so users can store up to twice as many images.  The
 camera also offers the three different picture modes -- economy, normal and
 fine -- and provides instant image feedback on a large 2" Quick Refresh LCD
 screen with brightness control.
     In addition to quick and easy PC connection, the ESP80 model offers JPEG
 or uncompressed storage.  Pictures can be stored on the SmartMedia cards in
 the standard JPEG format, or can be uncompressed into TIFF.  Most modern
 software packages can read all images.  The ESP80 also offers a TV and LCD
 cable connection, an ultra-small credit card remote control and an AC power
     In addition to the Philips PhotoSudio Lite software, the ESP80 is packaged
 with DU-4 Image Browser and Twain Driver, which allow the customer even more
 capabilities to edit and enhance the images.
     Philips digital camera customers will have access to a toll-free customer
 support line with extended hours.  All Philips ESP Digital Cameras come with
 the worldwide Philips F1st Choice Guarantee program, which is a 24-hour
 express exchange program that provides a replacement if the customer's camera
 must be sent in for repair.
     Philips Consumer Electronics Company designs, manufactures, markets and
 services consumer and business electronics products.  Headquartered in
 Atlanta, Georgia, it is a division of Philips Electronics North America
 Corporation, with more than $7 billion in annual sales and corporate
 headquarters in New York.  The company is also part of Philips Electronics
 N.V. (NYSE:   PHG), with nearly $39 billion in annual sales and based in
 Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
     Philips maintains a site on the World Wide Web at and at .  Philips Digital Camera also maintains a site on The
 World Wide Web at  The Philips Digital Camera
 Toll-free Hotline is 888/262-2673.

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