Photo: Sergeant's(R) Pet Care Products 'Look at the Label' Educational Campaign

Urges Pet Owners to Carefully Follow Certain Directions on Flea and Tick

Control Product Packages to Reduce Potential Risks to Dogs and Cats

Jun 15, 2007, 01:00 ET from Sergeant's Pet Care Products

    OMAHA, Neb., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Sergeant's Pet Care Products,
 Inc., a leading provider of over-the-counter flea and tick control products
 for dogs and cats, is reminding pet owners of the need to follow specific
 label directions regarding the proper use of flea and tick control products
 and their potential associated risks through its national consumer
 educational campaign called "Look at the Label."
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     "The misuse of flea and tick products is, unfortunately, fairly common
 and potentially harmful," says Joel Adamson, senior vice president at
 Sergeant's. "Taking the time to read a product label can mean the
 difference between the life, health and death of your pet."
     Sergeant's recommends pet owners look for the following information on
 product labels:
     *  Look for the dosage amount for the size and age of your pet.  Products
        are specially formulated for pets based on weight.  This information is
        nearly always on the front of the product package, making it easy
        reference for consumers as they shop.
     *  All flea and tick product labels indicate for which species the product
        is intended.  Never use a flea and tick control product intended for
        dogs on a cat, and vice versa.
     *  Check the back label for active ingredients and warnings.  By knowing
        the active ingredient, you can compare effectiveness and safety.
     *  Look for the manufacturer's contact information should you have
        questions or need help.  Typically this information can be found at the
        bottom of the back label.
     *  And, as with medications for humans, carefully read and follow all
        label instructions.
     There are many brands of spot-on products for flea and tick control
 that are labeled for "use on dogs only," says Adamson. "While many products
 may have a good safety record when used on dogs, studies indicate that even
 small amounts of certain ingredients contained in dog products could be
 dangerous to a cat."
     "As with all products, adverse reactions can occur if it is not applied
 properly," says Adamson. "To the nation's 75 million dog owners, our
 message is simple: Look at the label."
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