Physical Fitness 'Godfather' Jack LaLanne Turns to Brain Fitness, Becoming Ambassador for Dakim's [m]Power System

May 09, 2008, 01:00 ET from Dakim, Inc.

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Dakim, Inc., announced
 today that 93-year-young Jack LaLanne, the world's most iconic figure in
 health and fitness, has signed on as a "brain fitness motivational coach"
 on behalf of the company's [m]Power Cognitive Fitness System, joining the
 company's efforts to help seniors fight against dementia.
     Dakim's [m]Power is a touch screen-based brain workout program designed
 to help seniors combat a decline in mental function through a constantly
 changing series of rigorous but entertaining multimedia activities. It is
 now used in over 100 senior living communities around the country with a
 home unit due this summer.
     LaLanne will offer motivational tips during [m]Power sessions as well
 as appear in promotional videos provided to senior living communities that
 use or are considering purchasing [m]Power units. LaLanne himself uses the
 [m]Power system, which was inspired by research showing that seniors who
 regularly exercise their brains can reduce their risk of dementia more than
     "I've spent my life preaching the importance of physical fitness with
 the understanding that your brain doesn't die of old age, it dies of
 inactivity," LaLanne said. "I have added [m]Power to my workout regimen and
 have found that it helps keep my brain sharp as well as entertained, and I
 want to share that with EVERYBODY."
     Widely known as the godfather of physical fitness, LaLanne has been a
 fitness innovator for more than 75 years and is recognized as the inventor
 of modern physical fitness and weight training. He designed many of the
 exercise machines that are now fitness industry standards, and he
 introduced several generations of people worldwide to the benefits of
 frequent exercise and improved nutrition from 1951 to 1985 on "The Jack
 LaLanne Show," the longest-running television program devoted to exercise.
     Dakim's [m]Power is the first cognitive fitness system specifically
 designed to encourage the consistent, long-term use believed to help
 prevent the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Each 20- to
 30-minute session features enjoyable game show-like interactive activities
 filled with film clips, music and other cultural references from seniors'
 generation while also exercising all of the cognitive domains considered
 necessary by neuropsychologists to keep brains agile.
     [m]Power self-adjusts the level of difficulty across five levels of
 challenge ranging from active seniors with normal brain function to those
 suffering from moderate dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Exercises are
 updated on a daily basis so that seniors see new activities in every
 session, helping to promote ongoing use. Each system comes in a one-piece
 touchscreen unit with no computer mouse, keyboard or software to load.
     About Dakim, Inc.
     Dakim, Inc., is a provider of brain fitness programs for seniors.
 Dakim's [m]Power is a mental stimulation product designed to help seniors
 reduce their risk of dementia. The company's solutions also enable
 institutions and home caregivers to provide effective mental stimulation
 while actually reducing the cost of patient care. For more information,

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