Picarro Expands Global Distribution into South Korea

Aug 01, 2008, 01:00 ET from Picarro

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Picarro has appointed KNJ
 Engineering as a distributor of their instruments in South Korea. KNJ
 Engineering will sell and support Picarro gas and isotope analyzers for
 environmental applications, including greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4 and H2O)
     KNJ Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1992 and has grown to become a
 leading supplier of source gas sampling systems, continuous emission
 monitoring instruments, and ambient/indoor air quality sampling and
 monitoring systems in South Korea.
     Chungkoo Kim, president of KNJ Engineering notes that, "We supply many
 air quality monitoring systems to the Korean government and to local
 provinces. Picarro's gas and isotope analyzers are the optimum solution for
 those who wish to evolve from our traditional air quality monitoring
 systems to include greenhouse gas monitoring too. For example, Picarro's
 CO2/CH4/H2O analyzer and isotopic CO2 analyzer are natural additions to our
 current portfolio of measurement solutions." Kim adds, "Picarro's
 instruments will also be easier for us to support than prior technology.
 Currently, our engineers visit various monitoring stations located around
 the country every week for calibration, but the drift-free nature of the
 Picarro systems will reduce this service load significantly."
     "Our instruments based on WS-CRDS (Wavelength-Scanned Cavity Ring Down
 Spectroscopy) technology offer an unmatched combination of performance and
 convenience for greenhouse gas monitoring applications," states Michael
 Woelk, Picarro CEO. "But, in order for them to succeed in a market, they
 must also be backed with superior support. KNJ Engineering is a market
 leader in South Korea that has consistently demonstrated the ability to
 deliver this level of support, and we're particularly excited about
 partnering with them."
     Picarro, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to developing
 instrumentation for the highest sensitivity, precision and accuracy
 measurements of specific molecules of interest in environmental analyses,
 process monitoring, and emissions control. The company is a leader in
 wavelength scanned cavity ring down spectroscopy (WS-CRDS) technology with
 eight exclusive licenses from Stanford University patents and nine of its
 own on WS-CRDS extensions. Visit us at http://www.picarro.com.
     Contact Information:
     Iain Green, Director of Marketing, igreen@picarro.com, (408) 962-3942

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