picturephone.com - Speculation on Cellular Phone Giant Purchasing picturephone.com Domain Name May Indeed Pay Off!

Dec 13, 2004, 00:00 ET from PicturePhone Direct, Inc.

    ROCHESTER, N.Y., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The "picturephone.com" domain
 name auction heats up faster than expected! The existing PicturePhone website
 has hundreds of domain name shoppers looking at the offering. Since the
 auction announcement the site has been inundated with visitors keying in on
 the domain name auction. Of the hundreds of visitors there have been better
 than one-half-dozen qualified prospects from the cellular phone industry who
 have expressed a serious interest in purchasing the domain name.
     According to Dave Weber, Vice President of PicturePhone Direct, "The
 initial picturephone.com domain name auction was largely speculation on our
 part. We figured the best case would offer a moderate interest in purchasing
 the domain name and we would benefit largely through soft advertising of our
 videoconferencing products. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of serious
 interest by several qualified buyers.  Looks like we may have a horse race
 here folks! I am confident we will have some serious bidders submit offers.
 Hopefully they will meet our reserve and we can move the name along to someone
 who can roll it into the cellular industry."
     "We see the term 'picturephone' becoming more prevalent in describing cell
 phones with camera or video functionality.  We believe that a leading consumer
 telecommunication company such as Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular, Nextel
 and others could leverage the picturephone.com domain name for significant
 competitive advantage and justify a million-plus-dollar investment. In
 addition there are numerous cellular picture phone manufacturers who would
 love to have a more meaningful and unique product identifier.  The moniker
 'PicturePhone' would be perfect for companies like Motorola, LG Telecom,
 Samsung, Kyocera, Nokia or Audiovox to incorporate into their marketing
 activities.  Every cellular phone manufacturer makes a camera type
 'picturephone' and these lines will continue to grow," said Weber.
     According to Mr. Weber, PicturePhone Direct has already secured alternate
 Internet real estate at http://picturephonedirect.com/ to maintain their
 existing website. The domain name change will be transparent to existing
 PicturePhone Direct Customers and have no adverse effect on PicturePhone
 Direct's existing videoconferencing business.
     For details on the picturephone.com domain name auction look here:
     Terms of the Auction: We will be auctioning off our domain name
 picturephone.com ... the domain name only.
      - The bidding will open at 1,000,000.00 US dollars.
      - The bidding will begin on January 17, 2005 and will end on January
        31st, 2005 at 5:00 pm EST.
      - Bids are to be emailed to: auction@picturephone.com or faxed to
      - This is a sealed-bid auction. Both the identity of the bidder and
        amount will remain confidential.
      - The winning bidder will be notified on February 1, 2005.
      - Full payment is expected within 7 business days via wire transfer. Bank
        info for wire transfer will be provided to the winning bidder along
        with winning bid notification.
      - PicturePhone Direct relies on the integrity of the bidder to honor
        their commitments.
      - Upon successful completion of the auction and payment in full, the
        "picturephone.com" domain name ownership will be transferred to the
        winning bidder.
     Notes & Conditions:
      1. The winning bidder will be required to maintain a direct link to the
         new PicturePhone Direct website at http://picturephonedirect.com for a
         period of 8 months after the transfer of the domain name. This link
         will be displayed as a text link on the bottom of the winning
         bidder's home page on the "picturephone.com" domain name.
      2. If you have specific questions about our domain name auction, please
         contact us directly. Email: auction@picturephone.com, phone:
         585-334-9040 x2214, or fax 585-359-4999.
     About PicturePhone Direct, Inc.
     Founded in 1993 PicturePhone Direct, Inc. of Rochester, NY is one of the
 industry's largest suppliers of videoconferencing products and accessories.
 Currently, one of only two Sony conferencing distributors in the United
 States, PicturePhone delivers videoconferencing solutions through a network of
 qualified dealers and integrators.  PicturePhone Direct prides itself in being
 a one-stop shop for all business-to-business videoconferencing requirements.
 The company carries all the major videoconferencing brands and accessory items
 such as PTZ video cameras from all the major manufacturers, i.e., Sony,
 Polycom, VCON, Aethra, Bulldog, Canon, Extron, Elmo, Samsung and more! For
 more information about PicturePhone Direct, visit the company website at
 http://picturephone.com/, or call 1-800-521-5454 x2214 (outside the US
 585-334-9040 x2214).
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