Pilot Pen's Magna Doodle(R) Color Plus(TM) Wins Prestigious Awards From MSNBC and The Great American Toy Test

'The World's Favorite Way to Doodle' Boasts Exciting New Colors With its

First Innovation in 30 Years

- Magnetic Partnership Between Pilot Pen and Ohio Art is Off and Running -

Dec 20, 2006, 00:00 ET from Pilot Pen Corporation of America

    NEW YORK, Dec. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Pilot Pen Corporation of America,
 best known for its high quality writing instruments, has announced that
 Magna Doodle(R) Color Plus(TM), a new and innovative version of the World's
 best loved magnetic drawing toy, is a winner in both the Great American Toy
 Test and MSNBC's Toy Test 2006.
     First introduced in 1974 as a "dustless chalkboard," Magna Doodle(R)
 quickly became a classic toy and leader in its category. When Pilot Pen
 combined forces in 2004 with Ohio Art, maker of another powerful favorite,
 Etch A Sketch, the synergy between the two brands began to take off.
     "Bringing Magna Doodle(R) and Etch A Sketch together created the
 perfect marriage," says Tony Craig, Manager of New Business Development for
 Pilot Pen Corporation of America. "The new Magna Doodle(R) Color Plus(TM),
 which has been acknowledged by The Great American Toy Test and MSNBC,
 boasts the most exciting breakthrough in magnetic drawing toy technology in
 the past 30 years. We're thrilled to see how much children and parents are
 going for it."
     In its first year of production, Magna Doodle(R) Color Plus(TM) is
 being recognized by the Great American Toy Test as one of the "best" Arts &
 Crafts toys. More than 90 major toy makers entered toys in this year's
 Great American Toy Test, contributing approximately 4,000 toys. Sets of 50
 comparable toys were shipped to daycare and latchkey kid centers in 46
 different locations across the United States where teachers and supervisors
 observed the play of 2 to 12-year-old kids for three weeks and graded the
 toys on their overall quality, durability, ease of assembly, maintenance,
 short-term and long-term interest, educational value, safety and degree of
     MSNBC's ConsumerMan Herb Weisman also chose Magna Doodle(R) Color
 Plus(TM) as one of this year's best new Educational Toys that children will
 want to "play with over and over again." For MSNBC's Toy Test, 100
 different toys, all donated by manufacturers, were sent to 15 child care
 centers in the greater Seattle area. Nearly 2,000 kids played with the toys
 and after two weeks their teachers rated each toy on its level of fun, ease
 of use, durability and long-term interest.
     "The Magna Doodle(R) Color Plus is an inventive and imaginative
 extension of an already classic brand," says Larry Killgallon, President of
 Ohio Art Company. "We are especially honored and proud to receive
 recognition from the Great American Toy Test, as it has presented a unique
 opportunity for Ohio Art and Pilot Pen to continue to expand together."
     Magna Doodle(R) Color Plus(TM) uses a unique dual-tipped Magic Double
 Doodle(TM) Stylus that enables children to draw in red or blue, and the
 Magic Color-Change Magnet which instantly switches drawing creations from
 blue to red and red to blue.
     The no-mess creative Magna Doodle(R) has inspired "oodles of doodles"
 and recently celebrated 25 years of creative fun; it is a consistent
 top-seller in the arts and crafts category with approximately 68 million
 Magna Doodle(R) toys sold since its creation. Magna Doodle(R) can be found
 in just about every child's toy chest and is America's favorite traveling
     With a suggested retail price of $17.99, the Magna Doodle(R) Color
 Plus(TM) is recommended for children ages 3 and up and is available at KB
 Toys, Meijer's department stores and local retailers across the country or
 online at Target.com, eToys, Whiz Kids and many others.
     Press Contact:
     Caren Browning
     The Morris + King Company
     (212) 561-7464

SOURCE Pilot Pen Corporation of America