Pink Taco Stadium? Morton Stadium? Pink Taco, Famed Morton Family Spice Up Sports World With Blockbuster Bid for Cardinals Stadium Naming Rights

Restaurant Dynasty Behind Morton's Steakhouse, Hard Rock Cafe, Casino &

Resort & Pink Taco Makes Largest Naming Rights Offer in Arizona History for

New Cardinals Football Stadium

Aug 21, 2006, 01:00 ET from Pink Taco

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fiesta Bowl partnered
 with a bag of chips. So why not America's hottest and most colorfully named
 Mexican restaurant concept for the Arizona Cardinals acclaimed new stadium?
     The family behind Morton's Steakhouse, Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Hotel
 & Casino and now the uber-hot Pink Taco Restaurant has officially
 approached the Arizona Cardinals about securing the naming rights for the
 home of the Arizona Cardinals, 2007 College Football Championship and 2008
 Super Bowl.
     And with a starting offer of $3 million per year, the Morton Family
 would eclipse numerous other football stadium naming rights deal and the
 annual payments of naming rights partners for the Arizona Diamondbacks
 baseball stadium (Chase Field) and arena housing the Phoenix Suns (US
 Airways Center). Glendale Arena, home of the Phoenix Coyotes and most of
 the major concerts to visit the Phoenix Metro area since 2003, has yet to
 secure a naming rights partner but is believed to be asking less than the
 Morton's initial offer for Cardinals Stadium.
     The Mortons are friends of Matt Leinart, huge fans of the NFL and
 acquaintances and business associates with some of the most famous people
 in the world. They would definitely not be the same old, boring corporate
 naming rights partner. The Morton Family, which has recently sold part of
 its assets for approximately $1.2 billion, is looking for new opportunities
 -- and to finalize this naming rights deal swiftly.
     In order to demonstrate their seriousness during a meeting last week
 with Cardinals officials, Peter Morton wrote and Harry Morton presented a
 $5 million check.
     "We have the financial backing, the edge and a generational track
 record of success that would result in a dynamic, incredible partnership
 with the Cardinals organization and the fantastic facility they built,"
 Pink Taco President & CEO Harry Morton said. "We are especially attracted
 to the Arizona Cardinals newly invigorated, youthful, aggressive approach
 to business. Besides demonstrating our seriousness with today's press
 conference and offer we also want to know that we're not going to run into
 some of the foolishness we encountered in Scottsdale -- before we enter
 into a potential nine figure commitment."
     Peter and Harry Morton are scheduled to visit with Cardinals ownership
 later this week.
     Pink Taco opened its first restaurant in Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel.
 After being courted by the nation's top developers Harry Morton opened Pink
 Taco's second restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona earlier this year.
 Scottsdale's mayor raised questions about the name, despite no such
 controversy in over six years of operation in Las Vegas. The Scottsdale
 debate sparked coverage across the country and Arizona, even finding its
 way to The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live. The public rallied behind
 the restaurant. Since opening in late June, 2006 Pink Taco is among the
 most successful restaurants in Arizona history.
     Pink Taco is a rapidly expanding restaurant empire opening its third
 locations this January in Los Angles. Other sites in the works include San
 Diego, another in Arizona, San Francisco, Chicago, Huntington Beach, and
     The potential alliance between Pink Taco and the stadium provides a
 terrific opportunity to directly assist the NFL's ongoing efforts to
 attract 21-34 year old males -- a highly coveted and much needed
 demographic for the NFL. The restaurant's pop-culture popularity is evident
 in the overwhelmingly positive launch of the restaurant, both locally and
 nationally. Pink Taco's third restaurant will open this January in Los
     Friends with numerous NFL owners, the Morton Family is a huge fan of
 the NFL and NCAA college football and has long been interested in the
 possibility of becoming more directly involved with the NFL, even
 contemplating team ownership. Peter, who founded Hard Rock Cafe in 1972 and
 later sold the worldwide restaurant group as well as the hotel and casino
 for nearly $1.2 billion combined. Peter's father, Arnold, founded the
 legendary Morton's Steakhouses.
     If they ultimately negotiate an agreement with Cardinals ownership the
 Morton Family would prefer to brand the stadium as "Pink Taco Stadium."
 They may also be open to "Morton Stadium" if there can be a heavy emphasis
 on Pink Taco marketing, merchandising and offerings throughout the stadium.
     Time is money. A partnership with Pink Taco/Morton would help Cardinals
 Stadium avoid the naming rights delays associated with Glendale Arena and
 end its inclusion as one of the 14 NFL facilities without a corporately
 sponsored stadium. And the Morton proposal, besides being the richest in
 Arizona history, would surpass football stadium deals in Detroit,
 Jacksonville, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and San Diego, among
 others, as well as numerous others for baseball, basketball, collegiate and
 hockey facilities.
     Pink Taco Scottsdale is located at 7135 E. Camelback Road at the
 Scottsdale Waterfront. To reach the restaurant, call 480.675.7777 or visit

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