PlastiPure Receives $1.1 Million in Grant Funding

Company will continue to develop safer plastics free of estrogenic activity

Oct 27, 2009, 17:05 ET from PlastiPure

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- PlastiPure announced today that it received a $1.1 million grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety (NIEHS) to continue development and commercialization of plastics that do not leach chemicals with harmful estrogenic activity (EA). PlastiPure will use these federal funds to expand its line of innovative materials and products that are free from EA (EA-Free(TM)).

"This NIEHS funding validates our innovative technology and will allow us to expand our development of PlastiPure-Safe(TM) materials," said Mike Usey, PlastiPure CEO. "Consumers want products made and certified as EA-Free(TM), which are vastly superior to current market solutions that use BPA-free plastics, glass or metal materials. PlastiPure is committed to offering safe, reliable plastics that don't threaten the health and safety of our families."

In addition to the estrogenic chemicals BPA and phthalates, hundreds of other chemicals having EA are used in plastics manufacturing. Health issues associated with EA include birth defects, reproductive cancers and behavioral and learning disorders.

Over the past year, PlastiPure has successfully introduced PlastiPure-Safe(TM) resins (e.g., Topas COC PlastiPure grades) and certified EA-Free(TM) products (e.g., the Purebot(TM) by Hydrapak). PlastiPure will use this funding to develop, or improve through its partners, several additional colorants, clarifiers, antistatic agents and antioxidants that could be incorporated with resins to continue expanding its line of safer plastics.

"Our extensive research has enabled us to identify thousands of chemicals that contain estrogenic activity," said Usey. "And this allows us to avoid and not re-introduce these chemicals into our formulations and production methods providing a safer plastic for consumers as well as our environment."

PlastiPure provides technology that quickly and comprehensively addresses the hundreds of estrogenic chemicals in plastics by eliminating them completely in its materials. PlastiPure's solutions do not require the use of exotic materials or molder retooling, nor do they change the processing or fit-for-use characteristics of materials making PlastiPure's resins and manufacturing processes far superior to the current chemical-by-chemical replacement strategy.

About PlastiPure

PlastiPure is an advanced technology company located in Austin, Texas. Its team of leading biologists, polymer chemists and industry experts has come together to advance the science of safer plastics. Founded in 2000, PlastiPure creates and licenses new polymer formulations and plastic goods that are safer for consumer use. PlastiPure's proprietary products and intellectual property have a wide range of applications for food and beverage, pet food, infant feeding, fitness, personal care, packaging, cosmetics, medical supply, pharmaceutical, toy and other industries.

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