Plaxo Launches; Makes it Easy to Keep Contact Information Up-to-Date

Napster Co-founder Leads Sequoia Capital-backed Company

Nov 12, 2002, 00:00 ET from Plaxo Inc.

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- If Elvis Presley were alive
 today, he might sing, "Return to sender, no more.  Address known.  There's
 such number.  Plaxo is home."
     But since Elvis has left the building, he will never discover that
 starting today, there is a new, simple, secure and reliable way to get all
 your contact information up-to-date and complete.  The Sequoia Capital-funded
 Plaxo Inc. has launched and made its Plaxo Contacts beta version available and
 free to all (
     "Plaxo Contacts was born out of my own frustration of out-of-date and
 incomplete contact information and the fact that nearly everyone suffers from
 this frustration," said Plaxo co-founder and president Sean Parker.  "An
 incomplete or out-of-date address book means lost productivity, lost business
 opportunities and lost friends.  Plaxo makes it fast and easy to update your
 contacts."  Parker was a co-founder of Napster before Plaxo.
     After a quick download, Plaxo Contacts seamlessly integrates with
 Microsoft Outlook and lets people send a personalized email to friends, family
 and colleagues asking them to correct and update their contact information.
 People can make updates by simply replying to the email message and correcting
 the contact information in the body of the message.  Once the email is
 returned, the contact information is automatically updated within the original
 sender's address book.
     Those who use Plaxo Contacts can choose which aspects of their own contact
 information will be automatically updated to their friends and colleagues who
 also use Plaxo.  They can also sync the contacts on their computer at home
 with their computer at work.  If desired, address book content and most Plaxo
 tools are also made securely available on the Web so they can be accessed
     "Sequoia invested in Plaxo, because, like Google or PayPal, the product
 helps solve a real problem for many people in a simple, elegant way," said
 Michael Moritz, a Sequoia Capital partner.  Moritz is a member of Plaxo's
 board along with Tim Koogle, former CEO and president of Yahoo!.
     It's estimated that half of the contact information in people's address
 books are outdated or incomplete.  Why?  For starters, the U.S. Postal Service
 says that 37 million families and individuals and 2.4 million businesses in
 the United States move every year.  And, according to research firm NFO
 WorldGroup, a third of all email addresses change annually.
     Plaxo Contacts works with PDAs and other devices that synchronize with
 Microsoft Outlook.  It has plans to be compatible with other PIM software in
 the near future.  For a product tour, visit
     In addition to Sean Parker, the Mountain View company's other two founders
 are Stanford engineers Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring.
     About Plaxo
     Plaxo is a company that eliminates the frustration, wasted time and lost
 opportunities caused by missing or inaccurate contact information for friends,
 family and colleagues.  Plaxo Contacts, the company's flagship product, is the
 easiest and most effective way for individuals to securely update, maintain
 and access their contact lists.  Plaxo Contacts is accessible anytime via the
 Web and works closely with Microsoft Outlook.
     The company was founded by Sean Parker, also co-founder of Napster, and
 two Stanford engineers Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring.  Based in Mountain View,
 Calif., Plaxo is privately held and backed by Sequoia Capital. For more
 information about Plaxo, visit the company's web site at
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SOURCE Plaxo Inc.