PlayApp Offers Free Open-Source Alternative to Microsoft's Passport

Jul 30, 2001, 01:00 ET from PlayApp, LLC

    DALLAS, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- PlayApp, LLC, Internet distributor of
 protected PlayApps, in the form of digital books, music, videos, business
 apps, and streaming channels, announced today that they are offering their
 PlayApp Key technology as a free open-source alternative to Microsoft's
     PlayApp Keys, which are key-chain sized portable USB devices consumers can
 purchase from for $44 each, give consumers complete control over
 many of their security needs.  PlayApp Keys, when used with the free PlayApp
 Player program, allows consumers to instantly log-on to websites.  Other uses
 include generating codes for encrypting/decrypting files and generating/using
 PGP passphrases for secure email/real-time communications.
     "We feel it's important to let consumers know that there's an alternative
 that doesn't require them to give up their personal information to any
 one company.  We also want to let website owners know about free open-source
 code they can use to allow PlayApp Key owners to instantly log-on to their
 websites.  All interaction between consumers and websites stays with them and
 isn't revealed to anyone else," says John Willsey, inventor of PlayApps and
 PlayApp Keys.
     Each PlayApp Key is pre-programmed with random algorithms, so no two are
 alike.  Because PlayApp Keys generate random alphanumeric codes, they are
 future-proof and can be easily used with any application requiring randomly
 generated security codes.  PlayApp Keys are small USB plug & play devices that
 can be carried around on a key chain and taken anywhere the consumer goes and
 uses a computer, at home, work, or on the road.
     Use of the PlayApp Key requires the PlayApp Player software.  The free
 full-featured PlayApp Player software with integrated MP3/PlayApp player and
 security/browser capabilities is available at .  Use of the
 PlayApp Player's browser capabilities requires Microsoft Internet Explorer
 5.0 or higher installed.  PlayApp Key technology can be used with all
 operating system platforms, but future plans for porting PlayApp programs only
 involve Linux at this time.
     Patent pending security features of the PlayApp Player software include
 generating random 8 to 64 character alphanumeric codes for use in password
 access, encrypting/decrypting files, accessing digital wallets and
 creating/using PGP passphrases for secure email/real-time communication.  For
 extra security in case the PlayApp Key is lost or stolen, consumers if they
 wish, have the option of using PIN code(s) with some or all of the security
 features just described.
     By offering a complete, easy to use security solution for consumers to use
 when accessing websites, encrypted files, digital wallets, PGP passphrases,
 along with rich multi-media PlayApps that they can purchase, PlayApp has
 solved the complex and seemingly insurmountable problems regarding Internet
 personal security for consumers and digital media piracy for artists.
     About PlayApp, LLC
     Founded in 1999 and based in Dallas, TX, PlayApp has patented the dynamic
 and powerful USKey Protection Process for easy to use plug and play protection
 of all digital media, anytime, anywhere.  More information can be found at .  PlayApp, LLC, 5521 Greenville, Ste 104-722, Dallas, TX
     All product or service names are the properties of their respective
     Contact:  John Willsey
     Phone:    214-691-0315
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